CTC-200/201 Universal Broadband Receiver

Importance of locking the computer

Today, everything is on the system. From valuable information such as financial details to a random collection of photographs, it is all stored on the computer. It is incredibly vital and prudent to make sure that this data is safe from prying eyes – the fact you’ve splashed the cash for the best gaming keyboard has nothing to do with your security.

The reason for having a password is to ensure that only authorized individuals who know the password can access the computer. The information is available only to the eyes of those who are privy to the password. Blatant violation of privacy must be avoided.

Unlocking mechanism

Unauthorized access of data can be prevented with the password. That is still old school, no matter how prevalent. Today, computers can be unlocked with your watch or phone. Passwords are being replaced with something better.

How Do You Unlock Your Computer With Your Watch Or Phone

This is meant especially for those who despise passwords or have trouble remembering them. In the case of the iPhone, there is a built-in touch identification sensor that requires either a pin or the fingerprint to unlock your computer. The apple watch has included a Knock Glance that enables access to the app via the Watch’s main Clock Face. Opening the computer will automatically trigger the app to pop up automatically.

The new ‘touch to unlock’ is considered to be more secure because it provides the option of a two-factor authentication. This is especially for those who are anal about their security features. A pin can also be used in this case.

This touch-ID can be skipped for the easy going. The computer will be unlocked as long as the watch is being constantly worn. As long as the touch-ID has been used since the watch was last worn, there is no problem unlocking the computer. It is an upgrade that has to be undertaken by the lawful user of the technology.

OneID digi-ID management company has developed a platform that provides identity as a service. They enable the application to not only lock and unlock the Mac computer but also to log onto websites on the system. This is taking the unlocking the computer to whole new levels.


Install the oneID application onto the iPhone and set up the account. Apart from locking and unlocking, this app will save and secure all account information. This includes services and bookmarked websites. The two-factor authentication can also be set up to improve security measures. The oneID Apple watch application also provides shortcuts to improve utility and save time.

Knock purely focuses on the locking and the unlocking of the system. All you have to do is walk to the computer with the phone in your pocket. The knock will communicate with the computer via Bluetooth and the system will unlock automatically. The phone needn’t even be accessed.

Advantage of remote unlocking

There are a few advantages

  • The password need not be memorized. A fingerprint is sufficient to unlock.
  • Instant unlocking is possible.
  • A two-factor authentication increases the security measures and keeps unofficial users at bay.

You have to make sure no one else has access to your phone or your watch. That is the downside.

The desire to replace mundane passwords with something cooler is on the minds of many. Being able to unlock the computer with a watch or phone is considered fairly cool, radical even. Welcome to the next generation.

CTC-200 Programmable Analog RFIC and CTC-201 Interface IC

CrestaTV is comprised of the CTC-200/201 programmable RF, the Interface IC, and the multi-threaded signal processing software algorithms that are optimized for multi-core CPUs. With a total dissipation of only 500mW of power under maximum load and supporting frequencies which include 42-1000MHz and L1 band, OEMs and ODMs implement CrestaTV on PCI express cards for desktops and PCI mini-express cards or USB TV sticks for laptops.

CrestaTV’s novel architecture achieves both low cost and universal support for any analog or digital TV standard that dedicated hardware silicon cannot. As such, CrestaTV exemplifies a lesser known corollary to Moore’s Law: what can be done in software will be done in software.