How to Turn Off WiFi Calling? (Easy Step by Step Guide)

Modern Android devices support WiFi calling, allowing users to place and receive calls through a wireless Internet connection.

While most newly released Android phones do indeed allow WiFi calling, you won’t really be able to use it to make phone calls unless your cellular provider offers this service.

Calling and receiving may be done through a user’s home WiFi network, making it ideal for those who reside in places with poor or nonexistent cell phone service.

While it’s useful, there may be occasions when you wish to disable the function and use your phone’s cellular data plan instead.

A phone’s primary purpose is to facilitate easy communication. However, there may be situations when this great function is exhausted.

For this reason, you’d appreciate it if you could temporarily disable WiFi calling.

In this article, I will address your query, “How to Turn Off WiFi Calling?”

How to Disable WiFi Calling on iPhone?

Follow the steps below to disable WiFi Calling on iPhone.

1. Goto Settings.

iPhone Settings

2. In Settings, Select Phone.

Phone Settings iPhone

3. In Phone, Select Wi-Fi Calling.

Wifi Calling Settings iPhone

4. Toggle Off Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone.

Turn Off Wifi Calling iPhone

Watch this video on How to Turn Off WiFi Calling on iPhone.

How to Turn Off WiFi Calling on an Android Device?

If you’re working with an Android device and want to disable WiFi calling, follow the steps below.

1. Goto Settings.

Settings in Android Phone

2. In Settings, Select Sim Cards & Mobile Networks.

3. In Sim Cards & Mobile Networks, Select your Sim Card.

4. Toggle off Make calls using WiFi.

Wifi Calling Option in Android

How to Turn Off WiFi Calling on Samsung Smartphones?

This tutorial will explain how to Turn Off WiFi calling on Samsung smartphones.

1. Goto Settings.

Settings in Samsung Phone

2. In Settings, Select Connections.

Connections in Samsung Smartphone

3. Toggle Off WiFi Calling.

Wifi Calling Samsung smartphone

How to Turn Off WiFi Calling on iPad?

Disabling WiFi calling on an iPad is a roundabout process. You will require your iPhone in addition to the iPad in order to disable the function.

Follow the steps below.

1. Goto Settings on your iPhone. (Yes, on your iPhone).

iPhone Settings

2. In Settings, Select Cellular.

Cellular iPhone Settings

3. In Cellular, Select Calls on Other Devices.

Calls on other devices iPhone Settings

4. Toggle Off, Allow calls on iPad.

Call on iPad iPhone Settings

How to Turn Off WiFi Calling on Google Pixel?

To turn off WiFi calling for any Google Pixel device, follow the steps below.

1. Goto Settings.

Settings in Google Pixel

2. In Settings, Select Calls.

Calls Settings Google Pixel

3. In Call, Select WiFi Calling.

Wifi Calling Settings Google Pixel

4. Toggle Off, Wifi Calling. 

Wifi Calling in Google Pixel

How to Turn Off WiFi Calling On Xiaomi Smartphones?

Note: WiFi Calling is called VoWiFi (Voice Over WiFi)

Follow the steps below to turn off WiFi Calling on Xiaomi Smartphones.

1. Goto Settings.

2. In Settings, Select Sim Cards & Mobile Networks.

3. In Sim Cards & Mobile Networks, Select your Sim Card.

4. Toggle off Make calls using WiFi.

How to Turn Off WiFi Calling On OnePlus Smartphones?

Turn off WiFi calling on your OnePlus phone by following the steps shown below.

1. Goto Settings.

2. In Settings, Select Sim Cards & Mobile Networks.

3. In Sim Cards & Mobile Networks, Select your Sim Card.

4. Toggle off Make calls using WiFi.

Problems With Making Calls Over WiFi – Why Turn Off WiFi Calling?

WiFi calling has many great features, but it doesn’t always live up to its potential.

Below are some potential causes, should you have encountered them before:

1. No Service in this Area

You may associate this warning with a cellular connection, but it is equally applicable to your WiFi. The range of the WiFi router is probably to blame.

The range of a common wireless router is 5-10 meters. You can make it reach further by connecting more routers, but doing so requires additional work.

Therefore, your calls may have difficulties if you wander beyond the area of your WiFi network.

2. Problems with the most recent update

Both your router and mobile phone are potentially affected. Call quality may suffer if any of these have just received updates.

Perhaps an upgrade to your WiFi network provider’s infrastructure has caused unforeseen changes to its service.

The problem with WiFi may have been triggered by a software update, especially on iOS or Android devices.

3. Low Network/Call Quality

In case your WiFi router is servicing more users than it can handle, this may occur. That’s exactly right. With a regular WiFi network, you may link a maximum of five devices simultaneously. However, this figure is flexible.

Connecting many devices to a particular router will share its bandwidth among them. Therefore, the performance and speed will have an effect on your calling needs.


There are several pros to opting for WiFi calling, the most notable of which are higher quality calls and more accessibility. As long as you’re linked to a WiFi network, you may make calls regardless of the strength of your SIM’s signal.

When you can’t connect to your mobile service provider’s network, WiFi calling might be a very useful function. If you enable WiFi calling, everything is handled manually and instantly. You will not have to do a thing to have your smartphone switch across WiFi and cellular data when the signal strength changes.

WiFi calling may not function, for instance, if you are in an extremely congested area where everyone is vying for the same internet connection. You should disable WiFi calling completely in that instance. Thankfully, it’s a breeze on any and all devices.


Is there a drawback to making phone calls via WiFi?

WiFi calling may not function well over a public network due to the high volume of users. Moving out from the WiFi router’s range may potentially cause connectivity problems.

Is There a Reason My Phone Is Making Calls Over WiFi?

Every single LTE-based smartphone has the capability of making calls via a WiFi network. As a result, your phone calls might be routed via it automatically.

What Happens When You Disable WiFi Calling?

If you turn off WiFi calling, all phone calls will use the network’s cellular data connection. Your network provider determines the quality of your experience. Also, this may cause your internet costs to rise. The usage of video calling services, including FaceTime or WhatsApp, raises the risk.

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