Left Airpod is Not Working Even After Reset? Try These Fix

One popular complaint among AirPods owners is that their left airpod not working even after reset. This is, of course, a very inconvenient issue, especially given the price of these wireless headphones. It may be somewhat unsettling, particularly if you enjoy video games.

However, there are measures you can do to resolve this issue and restore the functionality of your AirPods

Solutions to Fix Left Airpod is Not Working Even After Reset

1. Adjust the Audio/Visual Balance As Necessary

There’s a chance you’ve screwed up the stereo balance setting. You could notice that your left or right AirPod isn’t working if you mistakenly adjust the stereo balance to one corner. It should always be in the precise middle of the L and R axes.

If one AirPod isn’t working, use the instructions below to fix the stereo balance:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Select Accessibility from the menu.
  3. Open Audio/Visual in the HEARING section.
  4. The audio volume balance slider should be brought to the middle.
  5. Finally, turn off Mono Audio.

2. Try Turning On And Off Bluetooth

This basic troubleshooting procedure works for other wireless devices, including earphones and Bluetooth speakers, and it’s not only for Apple AirPods. 

Due to a broken Bluetooth connection, audio may only be transferred to one AirPod. Turning Bluetooth on and off is all it takes to solve the problem. For this, 

  1. To access the Control Center, swipe down.
  2. Locate the Bluetooth icon and turn it on.
  3. Wait a few seconds, then tap it off once again.

3. Forget About Your Device And Re-Pair Your Airpods

If turning Bluetooth on and off doesn’t work, try forgetting about your AirPods and reconnecting them to your smartphone. 

Here’s how to forget about your AirPods and re-pair them, as also discussed in this video:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s settings and pick Bluetooth settings. 
  2. Then, next to your AirPod name, hit the info icon.
  3. If you’re using an Android smartphone, long-press the Bluetooth toggle to get straight to the device’s settings page.
  4. Then, choose “Forget This Device.”  
  5. Your AirPods will be disconnected from your device once you hit “Forget” on an action confirmation pop-up on your screen.
  6. To start over and re-pair your AirPods, simply follow the steps you took when you first bought them. 
  7. Place both earphones in the charging case, open the lid, and hold it up to your iPhone. Tap the “Connect” button when the AirPods animation shows.

4. Sweat/Water And Dust Should Be Removed From Airpods By Cleaning Them

Apple AirPods is a technological wonder that can endure extreme circumstances such as heat and water. If you dropped your AirPods in a pool by mistake, one of them might stop operating.

  1. Apple’s new Siri shortcut “water eject” may shake the AirPod speakers and eject water from its chamber. 
  2. However, before using the Siri shortcut, locate your AirPods and gently wipe away any dust, perspiration, or external water with dry cotton swabs.
  3. After you’ve finished cleaning the AirPods, use the Water Eject Siri option to drain the water out of the AirPods. 
  4. It shakes your AirPods at various frequencies, allowing science to work its magic. 
  5. However, for this to function, make sure the volume is turned all the way up to 100%.

5. Check the Connections between the Case and the Battery

In addition to dirt, the little golden contact pins within your AirPods case might be damaged by undesired rubbish, preventing your AirPods from charging inside the case.

For this, 

  • Use dry cotton swabs to gently remove any discoloration or debris that may have become lodged inside if you suspect the same.

6. Reset Your Device which is connected to the Airpods

It’s worth trying to solve your AirPods not working by resetting the device you’re using them with.

  • When one of your AirPods stops working, it’s usually due to a problem with your linked device, such as your computer or smartphone.
  • Restart your iPhone, Windows, Android, or Mac, or whichever device you’re using with your AirPods, and see whether both of them function.


If your right or left Airpod isn’t operating, the issue is simple to resolve. Some of the time, the Bluetooth gadget isn’t operating due to a low battery charge. Additionally, you can also resort to these given solutions:

  1. Adjust The Audio/Visual Balance As Necessary
  2. Turn Turning On And Off Bluetooth
  3. Forget About Your Device And Re-Pair Your Airpods
  4. Sweat And Dust May Be Removed From Airpods By Cleaning Them.
  5. Check The Connections Of The Case And The Battery 
  6. Restart All Of Your Gadgets


Why Is My Right Airpod The Only One That Is Charging?

It’s possible that dust and dirt have gotten inside. Wipe the metal component on the bottom end of your left AirPod using a q-tip or soft bristles toothbrush. It’s possible that dirt is blocking your AirPod from making touch with the charging case’s metal component.

Make sure the metal component of each of your AirPods is fastened to the end of the charging case.

Why Isn't My Left Airpod Working After A Factory Reset?

If your left AirPod is still not functioning after a reset, grit, filth, and earwax has built up on your AirPod and within the charging port, causing it to sound quieter, not charge, or both! Begin by carefully cleaning the bottom metal ring of your left AirPod clean with a Q-tip.

Will Only One Airpod Function With My Airpods?

Yes. You may still use the earphones if you lose one or if one stops working. Unfortunately, without both pods in the case, you won’t be able to link them to a new device.

However, since they’re already paired, you should be able to get by with just one AirPod for the time being.

Is The Liquid In My Airpods Damaged It?

If you’re suffering audio problems, you might think the liquid is to blame. Liquid can destroy the internal components of the bud, whether you cleaned it in the washing machine or it was exposed to perspiration.

Unfortunately, we’re not aware of any liquid damage signs on the AirPods. There will be a possibility of liquid damage if your buds are exposed to dampness. If you’re concerned that this is the source of your issues, you should take them to Apple to explore replacement possibilities.

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