How to Fix “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector”?

You are casually using your iPhone just when the message of low battery pops up. You go to plug your phone for charging through a Lightning connector. 

Don’t be alarmed if the “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” message appears when you attempt to charge your iPhone.

This is a very common warning.

Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector

The iPhone warning “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” indicates that your phone’s charging connector is moist.

You may use your phone as usual, but the phone won’t be able to be charged with a lightning cord until the port is completely dry.

In this post, I will show you how to fix liquid detected in the lightning connector error?

Keep reading to find the solution which I have tested myself.

Outlined below are some of the solutions which I have used and tested to fix the “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector” Error.

Solutions for Fixing Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Error

1. Remove And Replace Your iPhone’s SIM Card

Sim card ejected in iPhone

If your sim card has caught some moisture as a result of water exposure, the liquid detected warning may show.

This applies to all smartphones. It’s possible that’s why you’re receiving the same error message every time you try to charge your iPhone.

Follow the procedures outlined below, which I followed myself, to complete it correctly.

  1. First, I completely turn off the iPhone.
  2. Then, I take the ejector tool of the SIM and place it in the SIM tray’s little hole. On one side of your iPhone, you’ll find the SIM tray.
  3. Then, I take the ejector tool. The ejector tool needs to be pushed gently on the tray until it pops out.
  4. Then, I unplug the SIM from the SIM Card tray and look for any signs of damage, such as liquid stains or scratches.
  5. If there aren’t any signs of damage, then I would simply replace the SIM card in the same location and orientation as it was before.
  6. Then, I re-insert the tray.
  7. After I had made sure that both the SIM card tray and slot were clear of moisture, I would see if the iPhone still displayed the liquid detected warning.

2. Restart Your iPhone

Restart iPhone

If you have already checked your iPhone for any moisture and have dried your iPhone, and you are still getting a Liquid Detected error on your phone, the chances are that there has been a tiny malfunction in your iPhone.

Restarting the phone’s system, i.e, a forced restart, should assist you in getting rid of these issues. Here’s how I do it, which has helped me fix the ‘Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Error’:

  1. Firstly, I quickly press and release the Volume Up button.
  2. Then, I quickly press and release the Volume Down button.
  3. Lastly, I hold down the side button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears.

After rebooting your iPhone, see if the liquid detection error notice still appears.

3. Remove The Lightning Accessory And Allow The Moisture To Evaporate

Remove The Lightning Accessory And Allow The Moisture To Evaporate

The third option is to follow the message’s instructions. I followed the following basic method to fix the error:

  1. Firstly, I allow the charger to dry after removing it from the lightning port.
  2. Then, I keep the phone upright to allow the liquid to drain.
  3. You should not jiggle the device or blow the charging port during this procedure. It is possible that this would further worsen the condition.

Allowing the moisture to evaporate is the best solution that you can adopt. This is because this method is useful as it prevents the device from getting any kind of permanent damage.

Additionally, a little patience can make your device last long.

4. Use a Cordless Charger

The good news is that the information I provided above is based on the assumption that you can only use a lightning cord charger.

Use A Cordless Charges

However, you can use a cordless charger as the lightning port dries.

As I explained in the above method of drying out the moisture in the phone, you can also go using a cordless charger.

So, you may not only use but also charge your phone and wait for it to completely dry out.

Check out this Apple’s MagSafe Charger on Amazon.

5. Dismiss the Liquid Detected Error

Sometimes, I dismiss the Liquid Detected Error and continue using my device. I use this method only when I face some kind of emergency and need to use my phone.

However, as explained in this video, this method can be quite dangerous as it has the potential to permanently damage your device.

So, using the third method, which I have explained above, is the best way to deal with the Liquid Detected Error.

Key Takeaways

Following are some of the methods that I have explained above for fixing the Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Error:

  • Remove the SIM card to see for any water damage.
  • To see if a malfunction has caused the error, restart your device.
  • To reduce the possibilities of permanent water damage, allow the moisture to dry.
  • Use a cordless charger as you wait for the moisture to dry.
  • Dismiss the Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Error.


What to Do When The Option Of Emergency Override Isn't Working?

If you use the option of Emergency Override and it is still not resolving the issue, then you must detach your phone from the charger and wait for the connector to dry up. There’s a risk that moisture got into the lightning connection by mistake.

The Issue Occurs Even Though My Phone Is Charging. So, What Can I Do Now?

It’s most likely an iOS problem if the error persists. You should either call customer care or restart your iPhone several times. Many individuals have reported that this problem appears on their iPhone devices that are older than iOS 14.

If The Liquid Is There, How Can I Dry Off The Lightning Connector?

Suppose you drop your phone in water by accident and attempt to dry it out as soon as possible. Place your iPhone on a piece of cloth or anything that can absorb the water, with the lightning connector on the bottom.

After that, leave your iPhone somewhere dry, ideally near a fan, to allow the water to evaporate fast.

What If My iPhone Is Waterproof?

The latest iPhone models are water-resistant rather than waterproof. This implies they can handle minor spills and small volumes of water, but they will be damaged if the liquid density is too high.

The maximum water-resistant range depends on both the time in the water and the depth of the water.

As a result, if you ever want to do underwater shooting, you’ll need to protect your iPhone with a waterproof cover.

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