Samsung TV Unable to Connect to Server? Try These Easy Solutions

Samsung produces high-quality smart TVs, but occasionally they have connectivity issues. The “Unable to connect to Samsung server” problem is one of the more frequent notifications consumers report encountering.

The problem message makes it obvious that the Samsung hub is unable to connect to the Samsung server, and according to customers, they see this issue when they attempt to use their smart TV’s WiFi. As a result, they are unable to use stream on their Samsung TV.

It turns out that the internet problems are the error’s obvious cause. Despite this, there could be a server issue, such as overload.

The fact that the error continues showing up on the Samsung Smart TV screen and preventing you from surfing the material is incredibly frustrating.

To solve the ‘Unable to connect to Samsung Server,’ you can resort to the solutions provided in this article.

Unable To Connect To Samsung Server? Try These Easy Solutions

Solutions to Fix Unable to Connect to Samsung Server

1. Samsung TV Network Reset

Samsung TV Network Reset

Your established connection could occasionally stop working for whatever reason, in which case it has to be erased and restarted.

First of all, you will have to click on the Source button on your remote in order to resolve the issue at hand so as to begin the process of Samsung TV Network Reset, which is the first solution that you can use. 

Afterward, you will have to choose Settings, and inside the settings, General, Network, and lastly, Reset Network should be selected. 

This implies that if you have already entered the WiFi network name and password on your TV, they will be removed, and you will need to repeat the procedure for entering the credentials of your Network again. 

After you have reset your device, you will be asked for the credentials of your WiFi Network in the Network settings so as to complete the process of resetting. 

While the majority of you will find this solution to be effective, a select number of you will need to attempt the extra troubleshooting techniques described below.

2. Alternate DNS Server Address

Check a few of your other WiFi-connected gadgets to verify whether they are functioning before attempting the next solution.

So try browsing the web with your tablet and smartphone, for instance.

  • To begin, you will have to start by tapping Menu on your remote before going to Network > Network Status to do. Your wireless network connection will be tested by your TV.
  • Then, you will have to scroll down to DNS Server by selecting IP Settings, which is located at the bottom of this pop-up, where you will have to switch the DNS server to either or
  • The “Unable To Connect To Samsung Server” message should disappear when you make this adjustment, and your TV should reconnect.

3. Reset the Router Or Modem

Your Samsung TV won’t be able to connect to the Internet if your network or modem is malfunctioning.

  • You will have to simply disconnect the router for a short while, then re-plug it. The router will need some time to fully reset, but once it is, your Samsung TV should be able to re-establish an Internet connection.
  • You can try conducting an internet connection test if this doesn’t work. For a better connection, you might also need to relocate the router a little bit closer to your Samsung TV.
  • You might need to really hard reset your router or modem as a last resort. You should be able to press a little button on the router/modem using a paper clip or ballpoint pen.
  • After hard resetting your router/modem and disconnecting it, if your internet connection issues persist, you should contact the customer support line of your internet service provider.

4. Activate the “Obtain Automatically” IP Setting

Your Samsung TV’s network settings might occasionally alter by accident, and this problem is really brought on by an incorrect configuration.

  • An excellent illustration of this is when the IP Setting is inadvertently set to “Obtain manually
  • You should start by selecting Menu on your remote, then select Network > Network Status > IP Settings to verify your IP Settings setup.
  • Just make sure that “Obtain automatically” is selected under IP Settings. In such a case, change it.

5. Samsung TV Power Cycle

Even though it seems overly simple, one of the most frequent solutions to the “Unable To Connect To Samsung Server” issue is as easy as disconnecting your Samsung TV from the power outlet.

  • It’s important to wait the whole 60 seconds in this case. 
  • You will have to locate and hold your Samsung TV’s power button for 30 seconds while it’s disconnected. 
  • This will enable the TV to soft reset itself and drain any remaining power in the device. 
  • After waiting for a few seconds, you will have to plug the TV back in, turn it on, and you should have no trouble connecting to the internet.

6. Samsung TV Factory Reset

Try a complete factory reset if power-cycling your TV didn’t solve the problem.

  1. You will have to press the Home button on your remote and select Settings > General > Reset (for earlier models, use Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset) to return your Samsung TV to its factory settings.
  2. Then, you will have to type in the default PIN code that almost all devices have, which is 0000. After turning it off and on again, your TV will show the first configuration screen.
  3. You may quickly reset your TV’s PIN with your remote control if you forget it.
  4. Your PIN will be reset to “0000” if you press the following buttons on the remote control in the sequence shown while the TV is on.
  5. On the remote control or Samsung Smart Remote: Press the +/- (Volume) button, followed by the Volume Up, Return, Volume Down, and Volume Up buttons. 
  6. Lastly, you will have to allow your Samsung TV a few minutes to reconnect when it has finished rebooting.
  7. Your WiFi network name and password will probably need to be entered again, but hopefully, everything is functioning now!

7. Samsung Smart Hub Reset

The Samsung “Smart Hub” is essentially your TV’s own app store.

Any data associated with your account is deleted, and the Smart Hub is reset to its default settings.

  1. On your remote, click Settings to begin. You can hit the Menu button if your device lacks a Settings button.
  2. Then, you will have to go to Support next, and then Self Diagnosis last. An option to reset the Smart Hub should be visible. Just click it.
  3. Your TV’s PIN will need to be entered. Unless you have set one, this will be “0000“. You will reset your TV’s Smart Hub settings after entering the PIN.
  4. You will have to reconnect your Samsung TV to the internet once your Smart Hub has been rebooted.


Don’t worry if you have a Samsung smart TV and receive the “Unable to connect to Samsung server” issue; there are various tried-and-true solutions you may attempt.

  1. On Your Samsung TV, Reset The Network.
  2. Your Samsung TV’s DNS Server Number Should Be Changed.
  3. Reset Your Modem Or Router.
  4. Activate The “Obtain Automatically” IP Setting.
  5. Restart Your Samsung TV.
  6. Your Samsung TV Must Be Factory Reset.
  7. Samsung Smart Hub Reset

If, after trying each one of these solutions, nothing has helped you, you should get in touch with Samsung TV Support. They need to be able to aid in your unblocking.


When It Says Unable To Connect To Server, What Does It Mean?

This error signifies that your device is unable to connect to the mail server at your provider. There may be no network, a patchy or inconsistent network, or even a decent internet connection overall but an inability to connect to the mail server for your particular service provider.

Why Can't My Samsung Smart TV Be Updated?

Samsung occasionally releases updates for its devices. You can attempt a factory reset or an electrical reset if your Samsung TV doesn’t update. 

Do Smart TVs Require A Restart?

Restart your TV first using the usual Settings menu before attempting a reset. Similar to computers, smart TVs require frequent restarts to install software updates. Your present problem could be resolved with a straightforward shutdown and restart, negating the need for a factory reboot or further troubleshooting techniques.

Why Isn't My Smart TV Getting An Internet Connection?

The TV software should be updated to the newest version. Reset the TV’s power settings. Reset the router or cable modem. You will have to take out the modem or router’s power cord from the outlet for a few seconds before plugging it back in to solve the issue of Smart TV not getting an internet connection. 

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