TCL TV Light Blinking? Try These Easy Solutions

Numerous users have complained that they have had certain TCL TV issues. The main problem is their TCL TV Light Blinking.

There can be many reasons for the TCL TV light blinking issue. When you touch a remote button, it frequently blinks, which indicates that the remote and the TV are syncing for commands execution.

But occasionally, the flickering may continue, and the light would continue to blink. Now is the time to research remedies to this issue.

Listed in this article are some of the best solutions to assist you in resolving that TCL light’s persistent blinking issue.

Solutions to Fix TCL TV Light Blinking Issue

1. Examine the Input Wires

There are several possibilities for why your TCL TV Light is blinking. One of them is having bad connections.

Perhaps you ran over a cord and disconnected it by mistake, or you didn’t fully insert your connection.

If this is the root of your troubles with the TCL TV, it’s simple to fix the issue no matter what the source. It’s possible that the TV’s input wires are not correctly connected. 

  • It may cause the TV to start looking for a signal, which is evident by the flashing TV light.
  • In case the wires are plugged in the wrong ports, you can try re-plugging the wires in the correct ports of the TCL TV.
  • Replace the wires as quickly as possible if they have fallen loose.

2. Replace the HDMI CableReplace The HDMI Cable

The fact that your TCL television’s light is still blinking but won’t turn on might be due to your HDMI cable. 

  • If your TCL TV keeps making the light flicker and won’t switch on, your only alternative may be to purchase a new HDMI cable.
  • Contacting TCL directly and requesting a new HDMI cable is one method to obtain one. 
  • It might take them up to a few weeks to learn about your issue and send you a new HDMI cable, but they will probably offer to replace yours for free.
  • To obtain your replacement HDMI cable much more quickly, you may also go out and purchase one. 
  • When you arrive, find a new HDMI cable in the technology section. 
  • Ask the nearest employee for assistance if you are having trouble finding an HDMI cable, and they will provide you with a range of HDMI cables that are compatible with the TCL television.

3. The Remote Isn’t ConnectedThe Remote Isn't Connected

The TV light may begin flashing if your remote is not synced with it. 

  • This is a common issue as using an incompatible remote or a remote that isn’t paired with your TCL TV might be the reason to cause the TCL TV blinking light problem. 
  • By directing the remote toward the TV and pressing the pair button, make sure the remote is paired with the TV.
  • You may enjoy watching TV without being troubled by the annoying light since it will let the TV connect to the TV.

4. Attempt To Restart Your TV

The first step is to power cycle your TCL TV. Many of the most frequent problems that TCL TV consumers have may be resolved with a power cycle or reset.

This video explains how you can restart your TCL TV easily by using the steps summarized below:

  • First off, you need to restart your TV, and for that, you need to take out the power cord from the power outlet. This should be done for a few minutes so as to make sure that all the residual power in the TV has been drained out. 
  • To make this step even more effective, you can also try pressing the power button on the TV, which makes sure that the residual electricity is completely drained. 
  • Reconnect the TV’s power and turn it back on after that.
  • It is advised to restart the TV and allow the TV’s components to reboot if there is no obvious cause for your TV to be flashing.
  • You may reset the internal hardware of your TV by restarting it, and the problem will then be resolved.

5. Pay Attention to the Alerts

The business never stops sending out fresh messages. You could receive notifications in the form of a flashing light if you don’t read one of them.

It resembles your smartphone exactly.

  • Therefore, you must remove all the notifications if you don’t want to be annoyed by that light’s persistent blinking.
  • It will assist you in turning off the TV’s blinking light.

6. Do a Network Connection Check

A Network Connection Check

You may be facing some kind of network issues with your TV, which may be fixed by using this method:

  • By hitting “Home” on your remote control, selecting “Settings” > “Network” > “Wireless,” and then verifying that you are connected to the internet, you may determine whether your TV is online.
  • Your TV will start searching for accessible wifi networks if you are still unable to find one with a strong signal. Once found, you can choose one of them.
  • You can also use an internet cable for this purpose. You must first locate the ethernet connection on the back of your TCL TV in order to attach an ethernet cable to it.
  • One end of the Ethernet cable may be plugged into your modem or router, and the other end can be plugged into the Ethernet connection on your TV. 
  • This manual method of providing the internet connection to your TV might make the TV table covered in wires but may actually solve the TCL TV light blinking problem that you have been facing. 

7. Backlight Issue

One of your TCL TV’s most essential parts, the backlight, is what keeps your screen from going dark. 

  • The backlight is present in TCL TV so as to provide you with the display.
  • You’ll see a flickering light and no image on your screen if the backlight flickers or malfunctions.
  • Backlight problems can be very difficult to resolve. 
  • The TV’s back cover must first be removed, which shouldn’t be too difficult. 
  • The defective LED must then be found and identified using a multi-meter or a visual assist; this might take some time. 
  • After that, you may replace the LED and reassemble your TV.

8. Reset The TV

Your TV may occasionally become frozen at the standby screen with flickering lights. 

  • The reset button is often found adjacent to the HDMI and USB ports on TCL TVs. The button may be found and pressed once.
  • You should not pursue the issue further if you discover that it has been resolved. 

9. Firmware Must Be Updated

The light can be blinking to tell you that your TV set’s firmware needs to be updated. 

  • The light can serve as a prompt for an upcoming upgrade. 
  • You can easily find the Update now option on your TCL TV if you navigate to the Settings Menu.
  • Once you are done with the updates, there are high chances that you will be able to resolve the issue. 


In this article, I have listed many solutions that can assist you in resolving the issue of TCL TV Light Blinking, and you can use these methods at home easily as well.

The complete list of fixes for the TCL TV light blinking problem that has been covered in this article is as follows:

  1. Examine The Input Wires
  2. Replace The HDMI Cable
  3. The Remote Isn’t Connected
  4. Attempt To Restart Your TV
  5. Pay Attention To The Alerts
  6. A Network Connection Check
  7. Backlight Issue
  8. Reset The TV
  9. The Firmware Must Be Updated


Where Can I Find The Reset Button On My TCL TV?

All of the TCL TVs have a reset button that can easily be located on the TV. The connection panel behind your TV (where you would find your USB connections, HDMI, etc.) is where you would find the reset button. There is a little hole with the phrase “reset” inscribed beneath it.

What Causes The Screen On A TCL TV To Go Black?

A problem with the HDMI cable, which outputs the display from whatever device you are using to use the TV, is one of the likely causes of this. The TV’s backlight malfunctioning might be another factor. Black displays can result from problems with the backlight, which is how most TVs illuminate the image.

What If I Don’t Get Any Picture On My TCL TV?

Ensure that every external device inserted into the TV is switched on and is securely attached to the relevant port. Start the TV again. On your TV, click the power button.

How Can You Contact The Customer Service To Fix The TCL TV Blinking Light Problem?

Contacting TCL’s customer care is an additional option you may attempt if everything else fails, and you simply want that obnoxious light to stop flashing and your TV to start turning on on your TCL TV.

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