Vizio TV Won’t Turn On? Try These Easy Solutions

Users are unable to watch television since their Vizio TV would not turn on. On the smart TV, it’s a highly aggravating problem. The problem is common with other TVs as well, and many users try to find an easy solution that they can utilize at home. 

This problem has been reported by the majority of Vizio TV customers. This issue, however, is readily remedied.

Check out this article for simple solutions to the Vizio TV not turning on problem.

Solutions to Fix Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Issue

1. Unplug and Plug Your Vizio TVFor A Moment, Unplug Your Vizio TV

The simplest and most obvious solution is to disconnect your Vizio TV for a minute and then plug it back in. This works like a charm in most cases. 

It appears that unplugging your Vizio TV will solve your problem. However, I advise you to disconnect your television for 60 seconds to perform a soft reset.

It’s possible that if you keep watching TV all the time, you’ll develop a number of problems, and you’ll need to take a break. 

You may soft reset your Vizio TV by disconnecting it, which will clear any caches and data. 

All you have to do now is be patient and wait a minute before plugging your TV back into the socket.

2. Check the Outlet for Power

Double-check if your TV is getting electricity from a wall socket. 

You’ll need a light or something similar that you can test to check whether it’s getting power. Disconnect your TV from the wall outlet and replace it with light. 

A different power outlet can be used. Also, make sure your surge protector is turned on if you’re using one.

3. Check Your RemoteCheck Your Remote

Another common reason why your Vizio TV won’t switch on is a problem with your TV remote. 

Dead batteries or a broken TV remote are the most typical problems with TV remotes. As a result, it is recommended that you first try changing the batteries in your remote before attempting to switch it on. 

If your remote still doesn’t work, it’s likely that it’s broken, and you’ll need to replace it.

4. Examine the TV CablesExamine The TV Cables

The most likely cause of your TV not turning on is a power outage. To offer adequate current flow, the wires attached to the TV must be in good form and health.

Disconnect the plug from the source and turn off the Vizio TV. Now, thoroughly inspect the TV’s cords for any cuts or damage.

Replace a damaged cable with a fresh one if you notice one.

Hopefully, the problem with the Vizio TV not turning on will be resolved.

5. Input Selection Error

HDMI, cable, component, and AV are among the inputs available on the Vizio TV. 

If you pick the wrong input on your TV, your Vizio may display a blank screen. Hit the “Input” button on your TV or the remote itself. 

If you’re watching TV or playing a video game console like the Xbox or PlayStation, this will usually be the HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 input.

6. Power Cycle Your Vizio Remote

The Vizio remote, like the TV, has to be reset from time to time. This should be your go-to option if your remote isn’t turning on your TV.

The technique is somewhat different from power cycling a TV because the remote works on batteries, but the essential principle is the same.

The method has been described in this video as well.

  1. The remote’s batteries should be removed.
  2. Pushing the power switch for a few moments would completely deplete the battery.
  3. Now it’s time to reinstall the batteries.
  4. Turn on the television with the remote control.
  5. This patch should have repaired the majority of TV-to-remote connectivity difficulties.

7. Reset Your Television

Normally, I would use the System menu to reset my Vizio TV. You certainly can’t do that if your television isn’t working. However, without access to the display, Vizio TVs can be factory reset.

Because this is a full factory reset, all of your programs, application data, and user settings will be erased. 

Without a functional display, this procedure will be difficult. Normally, you’d receive an on-screen message with the directions, but you move through even if you don’t see it.

This technique may work even if the TV does not turn on correctly as long as the panel is getting electricity.

  1. Press the Volume Down and Input buttons on the TV at the same time.
  2. These buttons are located on the TV panel on most Vizio models
  3. Then, both the buttons should be released.
  4. Now again, hold the Input button
  5. Check to see if the panel resets after approximately a minute. If not, repeat the procedure.
  6. It should function again after the panel has been reset.

8. Vizio Customer Service

Before contacting Vizio, double-check your warranty. 

Most Vizio TVs come with a one-year limited warranty, albeit if the TV was bought for business usage, the guarantee is just 90 days.

Text messages, online live chat, and phone assistance are all available from Vizio. 

Choose whichever one you choose; the service quality is about the same on all of them. 

The cost of a repair can range from $0 to nearly as much as a new Vizio TV, based on your warranty coverage and the nature of the problem.

Key Takeaways

To sum up, the discussion, using the strategies listed here, you may quickly resolve the problem in a matter of minutes: 

  • Unplug and Plug Your Vizio TV
  • The Outlet For Power Must Be Examined
  • Check Your Remote
  • Examine The TV Cables
  • Input Selection Error
  • Power Cycle Your Vizio Remote
  • Reset Your Television
  • Contact Vizio Customer Service


The Blinking Logo On My Vizio TV Won't Turn On, What To Do?

Take note of how your television’s logo appears. Many people report that their Vizio TV starts up and displays a flashing logo before turning off. In such circumstances, power cycling the tv and seeing if it turns on is a good idea. Your television will be mended in this manner.

The Vizio TV Is Turned On, But There Is No Picture. Why?

If your Vizio turns on and displays an indicator light, but no picture appears on the screen, the mainboard of your device may have failed. The board may be faulty. If you’re not sure about anything, don’t try to do it yourself. It’s best if you speak with a TV technician about it.

When to Contact Customer Service?

If none of the solutions provided here were successful in resolving your Vizio TV won’t turn on the issue, the best option is to get assistance from Vizio directly. Tell your purchaser or the Vizio customer care center that your Vizio TV won’t power on by visiting If your television has a warranty, you have the option of getting it mended for free or paying for it.

Where is the Reset Button?

Navigate to Settings >> System >> Reset&Admin >> Press OK using the remote’s Menu button. This is the method that will reset the device.

How Can I Tell If My Television Fuse Has Blown?

Loosen the TV fuse cap holder with a screwdriver, depending on the brand and model of your TV. After that, double-check the fuse wire. You have a blown TV fuse if you can detect a clear space between the wires or a noticeable metallic or black stain inside the glass.

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