Xbox One Won’t Turn On But Beeps? Try These Easy Solutions

People frequently complain about their Xbox One breaking down, claiming that it won’t power on and instead beeps. 

Read the tutorial below if you’re facing this issue.

Solutions To Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn On But Beeps Issue

1. Restart Your Xbox One

The conventional method of resolving the problem is to restart the Xbox, which requires little effort and can be done by a mere child as well.

The “power cycle” is another name for this procedure. For this,

  1. Switch off the Xbox
  2. Then press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
  3. The light will change color from orange to white as it flashes.
  4. As a result, your Xbox One will be rebooted, which may or may not address your issue.

2. Use the Eject Button

The problem of Xbox One will not turn on but will beep is often due to a simple issue where the console’s firmware becomes stuck.

The beeping problem is more likely to occur while you’re playing several games and changing them every few minutes.

It might also be the cause of the Xbox One failing to power on yet beeping continuously if you keep it on for more than an hour. Although the remedy may appear inconvenient to you, experts suggest that following this easy method will allow your Xbox One to start without issue.

  1. Pressing the Eject button even if there is no disc inside can solve the problem in some cases.
  2. Whether you were playing a game that was stored on your hard drive or you were engaged in online gaming, pushing the eject button might be useful.

3. Power Cycle

If the previous steps did not succeed in getting your Xbox One to switch on, you could conduct a power cycle on your console. For this, 

  1. Switch on the console after plugging in the cable. 
  2. For 10 seconds, keep pushing the power-on button. 
  3. It will result in a system reset.
  4. The console will ultimately shut off, and the power brick’s orange light will become white. 
  5. The power cycle will be finished when it turns orange again. 
  6. This seemingly complicated problem is most likely solved by this easy technique.

4. Overheating

One of the major difficulties that cause the Xbox One to not switch on but the beep is overheating.

It frequently occurs when your Xbox One is positioned in a crowded area, which makes it hard for the vents to effectively vent the heated air outside.

As a result, heated air begins to circulate within, causing overheating. For this, 

Clean the console’s air vents on a regular basis since dust or grime might prevent hot air from reaching the outside. There’s something fishy if you don’t hear the fan voice as it usually does. Then, clean the vents on both the inside and exterior to avoid any future problems.

When the Xbox One is placed in direct sunlight, it frequently does not switch on but beeps. It will immediately begin working if you relocate it and keep it in a cool environment. In addition, the rising ambient temperature causes the console to overheat.

In comparison to consoles in a cold environment, consoles put in a hot environment frequently refuse to power on. So, if it’s summer, switch on your air conditioner or maintain the ventilation system running smoothly.

5. Insert A Disc Into The Xbox One’s Disc Drive

This solution works like a charm in some cases.

  • If the console is turned off, but just a little amount of the disc is in the drive, hit the power button and listen for a sound. 
  • When you hear the beep, carefully insert the disc into the console so that it can detect the disc and switch it on.

6. Remove Any USB Devices As Well As The External Hard Drive

Remove Any USB Devices As Well As The External Hard Drive.

To accomplish this,

  • Turn off the Xbox and unplug any USB connectors, as well as any external HDD.
  • Then, for half a minute, press and hold the power button.
  • When the computer starts up normally, you can reconnect the USB cords and the HDD.

7. Internal Issues In The Power Supply Unit

If the problem was not caused by an external source of energy to the power brick or the cable, the power supply unit inside the power brick or cable might be to blame.

Although the built-in component is an important aspect of the console, it can overheat and create issues on occasion.

Although this part may be fixed, it is a costly repair that must be carried out by a qualified specialist.

8. Restart With A Soft Reset

Try doing a soft reset on the Xbox One. To repair a situation where your Xbox One won’t power on but beeps, follow these steps which have been discussed in this video.

  1. To begin, disconnect the Xbox’s power cable to turn off the electricity
  2. After that, wait a few moments
  3. Then, push the power button multiple times 
  4. Check to see if the cord is plugged in. This step will assist the Xbox in releasing excess energy from the system and allowing it to function properly.
  5. Then, replace the plug and turn on the light by hitting the power button. 
  6. Then, check to see if the Xbox still won’t switch on, but it beeps. 


Before calling a professional to repair or replace your Xbox One, try these troubleshooting tips.

  1. Switching Off The Xbox
  2. Use The Eject Button
  3. Power Cycle
  4. The Problem Of Overheating
  5. Insert A Disc 
  6. Remove Any USB Devices As Well As The External Hard Drive
  7. Internal Issues In The Power Supply Unit
  8. Restart With A Soft Reset


What To Do If My Xbox Does Not Turn On And Only Beeps?

A soft reset, power cycle, or a combination of the two is the quickest and most usual fix for an Xbox One that beeps but won’t switch on. 

How Do I Force My Xbox One To Turn On?

The Xbox button in the middle of your Xbox controller would open the Power Center. Select Restart console from the menu. Restart is the option to choose.

Is It Possible For An Xbox To Be Damaged By A Power Surge?

Yes! Hardware problems are, without a doubt, the worst. After a power outage, the worst thing that can happen to your Xbox One is for it to break. No one wants to see a sudden power outage and your Xbox One console reject to restart no matter what.

Is It Possible To Damage An Xbox One By Unplugging It?

Unplugging it will not cause any harm. Unless you have a unique problem, there’s no necessity to execute a hard reset once a week.

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