If you wish to have a hassle-free Windows installation disc which is up-to-date, customized, auto-installing and less time consuming then it is important that you know how to do it just as much as it’s important to know which is the best gaming desk before buying a new one. There are several merits of creating your own customized 7 installation disc integrated with the needed upgrades.

Merits of Customized Windows 7 Installation Disc:

A windows installation disc can help the user to integrate all the required updates and drivers into a single unit, which can cut down on the tedium and grind of new installation processes.

Since a customised windows disc enables you to retain only those features and upgrades that are absolutely necessary, the lighter version is snappy and quicker.

Customisation as per your preferences is a boon, where you can retain all the needed themes, fonts, wallpapers, sounds, screensavers and many such options.

Requirements for a Customized Windows 7 Installation Disc:

You will first need a Windows 7 (or Vista) DVD or pre-installation setup files. There must be a physical disc, and if possible pre-installed setup files or recovery files on your system.

Creating a new RT7 lite disc does not change your Microsoft registration and validation system.

You will require 7 GB hard drive space, or a 4 GB USB stick. This space is required for burning your windows disc onto your hard drive with some additional space. If your hard drive already has a disc image of the Windows 7, then it should have enough space for a DVD.

Important Steps to Create a Customized Windows 7 Installation Disc:

Install a Windows 7 on to your computer. It is necessary to WAIK or Windows Automated Installation Kit or the RT Se7en Lite, which is a more user- friendly front- end interface to WAIK.

Navigate to the ISO files on your hard drive and browse to access the Windows 7 files. If you are using a Windows disc, choose the Select OS path, which will allow you to access the disc. It is important to specify the extraction path from where the ISO’s files are extracted or accessed.

After installing the RT Se 7en Lite and importing the Windows disc, the next step is to customize the installation disc. Apart from getting the updates on Windows system, one can always customise it as per requirements.

Choose the edition you wish to customize, the RT Se7en Lite will load the image. Utilise the task panel and choose all the actions that must be performed after the image is loaded.

Manually choosing the check boxes in the task pane, will also activate the corresponding configuration pane and this integration pane allows updates, addition and removal of specific drivers, apps, and language packs.

The components removal tab allows the permanent removal of all those features that the user does not require.

The Tweaks tab makes customisation possible, by changing the default settings of the Windows control panel, the Desktop and a host of other Windows features.

After the installation, the importing and customisation, make your own version of the disc and run it through. The ISO-Bootable section will help install it in the media mode that you require.

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