We put the ‘smart’ in SmartTV.

Located in Silicon Valley, CrestaTech is the creator of Smart Tuner™ ICs  that have successfully eliminated the need for CAN tuners and reduced the cost of developing thin flat panel TVs. Deployed in millions of the world’s leading brand-name products, CrestaTech Smart Tuner™ ICs feature a patented precision RF analog front-end and digital signal processing architecture that provides consistent, interference-free global broadcast signals.

CrestaTech has a rich portfolio of SmartTV patents and IP, making us the trusted resource in smart technologies. Our patents allow for programmable power modes that balance optimum performance with optimum battery life. Patents include: 

No. 7,075,585

No. 6,915,121

No. 6,985,710 

No. 7,265,792

No. 7,251,466 

No .7,369,835  

As new wireless standards emerge, CrestaTech is taking its strong Smart Tuner ™ patent portfolio and highly specialized engineering expertise to recreate the living room-style HDTV experience on any mobile device.