Universal Broadband Receiver

CrestaTV Universal Broadband Receiver

CrestaTV is the first universal broadband television receiver that allows PCs to receive region free live analog or digital broadcast TV, radio and GPS signals anywhere in the world. CrestaTV combines programmable a-radio frequency (RF) IC and software based algorithms in a HW/SW solution that dynamically balances quality, speed, and power dissipation based on the environment and processing resources available. Leveraging the power of a system's multi-core processors, CrestaTV delivers support for the widest variety of broadband frequencies ever.

Discover A New Media Center PC Experience

CrestaTV will make it faster and more affordable for PC OEMS to design All-in-One Media Center PCs that deliver a truly interactive entertainment experience.


Cresta CTC-200

CTC-200 Programmable Analog RFIC and CTC-201 Interface IC