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CrestaTech is a technology-focused informative blog.

I am a tech enthusiast so this medium is a perfect way to share my passion with the world.

We mainly focus on Consumer technology such as smartphones, Smart TVs, Artificial Intelligence Devices, TV Accessories, and much more.

About the Author

Hello, I’m Shabarish Balaji, hailing from the vibrant city of Bangalore, India.

From my early days, I’ve had an insatiable passion for all things gadget-related.

Initially, I was a staunch Android enthusiast, but my interests have since evolved towards the exciting realm of smart homes and automation.

This journey led me to establish CrestaTech, a platform dedicated to sharing my knowledge and skills with the world.

My commitment to providing valuable insights is reflected in my hands-on approach.

I personally test and experiment with various devices available in the market to ensure that I can offer you accurate and informed information.

For those who wish to connect with me personally, I’m active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram where you can follow me and stay updated with my latest discoveries and insights.

I genuinely value your input, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Your contributions are highly appreciated as we continue to explore the exciting world of gadgets and smart home automation together.