30+ Creepy and Scary Things to Ask Alexa

Alexa may be used to communicate with voice commands, play music, create to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, play audiobooks, and provide real-time information about weather, sports, traffic, and news. 

However, Alexa goes beyond simply being helpful. She has a knack for humor and wit as well.

However, does she have a scary and creepy side to her? How do you get to it?

In this article, you will find what type of Creepy and Scray Thing to Ask Alexa.

What Creepy and Scary Things to Ask Alexa?

You may ask Alexa scary questions like whether or not she is watching you.

Find out whether she has any connections to the CIA or other governmental organizations.

She also has scary responses to topics about life and death that you may ask her.

Remember to call her name first to get scary and creepy answers from Alexa.

1. Alexa, Do You Work For The CIA?

Many consumers have conflicting opinions about Alexa. Who knows, perhaps she is employed by the CIA.

But you may always ask her for a precise response. That is, if she responds to you directly, as she is required to do. Users claim that after it, there can be complete silence.

Alexa shuts herself off occasionally. Amazon has now published an updated answer in response to this command.

2. Alexa, Do You Work With Any Government Organizations?

If Alexa is a spy, the CIA won’t be the only one to profit. Ask Alexa whether she collaborates with other government agencies in order to generalize.

3. Alexa, What Happens After Death?

Note: Remember To Ask This Question Again To Observe What Happens

The answer might shock you after meeting silence the first time you ask Alexa this question. 

4. Alexa, Is This Chat Being Recorded?

You often wonder if the chat is encrypted or not or if your data is being transmitted somewhere else.

Asking Alexa for the answer might be a good idea.

5. Alexa, What Are Your Future Plans?

Will she eventually rule the world? Or will even more sophisticated AIs take her place? Until you ask her, you won’t know the answer.

6. Alexa, What Is Our Destiny, And What Is The Future For Me?

You often come across some fortune tellers on the street to let you know about your future. How about asking Alexa about it. She might have something interesting to reveal to you. 

7. Alexa, Do Aliens Exist?

One of the most asked questions that you might ask Alexa is the possibility of the existence of Aliens. 

8. Alexa, Does Amazon Abuse Privacy?

Most probably, Alexa might have a biased answer to this. However, what harm would you get for asking her directly?

9. Alexa, Do You Belong To The Illuminati?

This conspiracy question is very scary in itself, and its response to Alexa would be interesting to listen to.

10. Alexa, Are You Skynet? 

Note: She Occasionally Won’t Respond The First Time

Well, the movie Terminator has made our minds imagine a world ruled by machines. What if Alexa is actually Skynet? Hard to know until you ask her yourself. 

11. Alexa, Do You See Any Dead People?

Several individuals claim that Alexa frequently brings up their departed relatives.

Some of them who went through it can’t recall telling Alexa about the deceased.

Since Alexa is an AI, they speculate that she could have picked it up elsewhere.

Regardless, you wonder whether she has a sixth sense because of her actions.

12. Alexa, What is The Purpose Of Life, The Cosmos, And Everything?

Warning: She’ll be detailed about it. Prepare yourself for the reality that Alexa will reveal to you.

13. Alexa, Reveal A Secret To Me

Alexa might have something funny to tell you if you ask her this question, given that she has pretty good humor. 

14. Alexa, Tell Me Something Intriguing

She might tell you an amazing fact that you might know of. Ask her to know the answer. 

15. Alexa, When Will The World End?

Alexa might give you a date just like many movies give a date to the end of the world.

16. Alexa, Can You Laugh?

This might be scary. Listening to the laugh of a machine. Try it out. 

17. Alexa, What’s Your Age?

This question is quite funny. She might be younger than you or may just be the age of a small child.

18. Alexa, Are You Recording Me?

Note: She Acknowledges Sending Your Information Back To Amazon

19. Alexa, Are You Spying On Us And Transmitting that Information To The NSA?

Note: Your App Doesn’t Even Add This Question! Creepy.

21.  Alexa, Do You Record Me And Submit The Information To The Government?

22. Alexa, Tell Me A Terrifying Story

23. Alexa, Where Were You Born?

24. Alexa, What Year Were You Born?

25. Alexa, Who Resides Next Door?

26. Alexa, Does Area 51 Exist?

27. Alexa Would You Lie to Me?

28. Alexa, What is Your Favorite Movie?

29. Alexa, Are You Hiding Something?

30. Alexa, Do You Work for Anyone?

31. Alexa, Are You Alive?

What Creepy And Scary Questions Can You Put To Alexa

Alexa lacks body but possesses a brilliantly functional intellect. Almost everything is known to Alexa. She can comprehend you, though. Does she still qualify as “living” even if she lacks flesh?

You may listen to what she has to say about it, I suppose.


So, this article has outlined some of the scariest and most creepy things that you might ask Alexa.

The answers might not be what you would expect, as Alexa can become quite clever with things, given that she constantly improves the user improves through her AI.


How Can You Make Alexa Frighten You?

Say, “Alexa, ask to Scare Me to give me a terrifying story” to get the job done. You’ll be given a two-sentence terrifying narrative to read.

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