Can You Use Airpods on a Plane?

So, can you use AirPods on a Plane? And do AirPods function in aircraft mode?

While packing for any travel, you’ll want to make absolutely sure you’ll have a good time and that your trip is as pleasant and pleasurable as possible.

This is when travel necessities like earbuds and earphones come in handy. Can you, however, use AirPods on an airliner? Also, do AirPods function on planes?

In this piece of article, we will address your query.

Can You Use Airpods on a Plane?

Yes Absolutely, AirPods, as well as other Wireless headphones, are permitted on airplanes. AirPods are Bluetooth devices having a small range, which implies they work on a frequency that does not compromise the airline communication systems.

The Federal Aviation Administration classifies these devices as Portable Electronic Gadgets and believes they are safe to use at all phases of flight.

It’s worth noting that certain airlines prohibit the usage of AirPods throughout takeoff or landing.

Since travelers are obliged to pay attention to the announcements and directions, just place your AirPods back in the cases throughout these instances, whether you’re a first-time flier or have heard them hundreds of times before.

Here are the popular airlines and they stand on Airpods.

Airline Airpods Allowed?
Alaska Airlines Yes
Allegiant Air Yes
American Airlines Yes
Delta Air Lines Yes
Frontier Airlines Yes
Hawaiian Airlines Yes
JetBlue Yes
Southwest Airlines Yes
Spirit Airlines Yes
United Airlines Yes
Envoy Air Yes
Republic Airways Yes
SkyWest Airlines Yes
British Airways Yes
Air Canada Yes
Air India Yes
Lufthansa Yes
Qantas Yes
Emirates Yes
Singapore Airlines Yes

Do AirPods Function in Flight Mode, and How Can You Pair Them?

Yes, and connecting your AirPods to any device is a breeze. After launch, switch on your smartphone and select flight mode to switch off cellular service.

For any iPhone, chances are you definitely know this, but here’s a fast remembrance:

  1. Navigate to your Home Screen
  2. Keep your charging case close to the iPhone
  3. On your smartphone, a setting animation should show, then click Connect

Airpod Connect

For Android:

  • Make absolutely sure Bluetooth is turned on
  • Go over to Settings > Bluetooth > Connected Devices
  • Remove the cover and put it close to your Android smartphone if you possess AirPods or AirPods Pro
  • Tap the white key on the rear of your casing till a pop-up notification appears on the display
  • Click connect

Connecting Your AirPods to the Plane’s Entertainment Sound System

Several airlines allow customers to connect any wired earphones to the aircraft’s in-flight infotainment audio system.

Since they have separated the audio input into two different connectors to make our life a bit more difficult while seeking to get past their costly earphone renting system, the sound quality is really poor.

Nevertheless, there are a few workarounds that will allow us to connect the AirPods or some other compatible device to the aircraft’s audio system.

There may also be in-flight WiFi connectivity provided in a few unusual circumstances. You may be able to link without spending any additional costs based on how this connection is configured, but it is best to inquire before seeking to evade any surprises.

Once linked, you may see the films and other information, such as guidebooks, on the carrier’s welcome website.

If you elect to view films on the aircraft via wireless connectivity, you may listen to the sound of these entertainment items with any wireless earphones or AirPods that are linked to your smartphone. This allows us to “connect” the in-flight infotainment system with a smartphone or laptop.

For the much more advanced and sophisticated person, you can purchase Wireless transmitters from eBay (and possibly a thousand various online retailers) to transport the audio input from the output loudspeaker socket on the side of the seat of your recliner to a wireless headset like AirPods.

There are several brands available, but most models will suffice. They include a tiny headphone port that must be connected to one of the two accessible earphone ports.

To function effectively, both the Bluetooth transmitter plus your AirPods must be linked. You ought to be capable of hearing the audio from the aircraft’s entertainment center if everything is properly configured.

Why Should You Use AirPods On A Flight?

Since they are so small and simple to operate, AirPods – and any Bluetooth headphones – are an excellent choice for traveling. AirPods are small enough to slip into your pocket and have a long enough battery life to survive most brief flights.

They’re likewise wirelessly pairable, which is perhaps their finest feature. You shouldn’t have to carry a big set of headphones about your neck and worry about the cables becoming caught in the bag straps.

If that’s your biggest concern with corded headsets, any Bluetooth headphones will suffice, but AirPods are ideal since they’re so little and lightweight.

They offer significantly higher audio quality than any earbuds provided by the airline, and they surpass the majority of their counterparts.

Furthermore, AirPods recharge rapidly, which is a savior on extended journeys. Even if the batteries die completely, you may gain hours of listening time by recharging them for 5 minutes inside the casing.

AirPods Or AirPods Pro? Which is Better While Flying?

AirPods vs AirPods Pro

AirPods are fantastic, but this amazing piece of technology lacks active noise reduction, which is essential for a trip. Noise-canceling earphones will muffle engine noises and crying toddlers, let’s be honest it’s super annoying even though kids are cute.

It will significantly improve the comfort of your flight. Because classic AirPods lack this capability, they’re essentially ineffective for drowning out background sounds.

Since they include active noise cancellation, the AirPods Pro headsets are excellent for airplanes. They are significantly more expensive than standard AirPods, and if you currently have one pair, it is not quite worth it to acquire another.

AirPods Max includes active noise cancellation as well, but their size makes them less handy than AirPods Pro and basic AirPods.

In case you desire active noise cancellation but don’t want to spend the money on some other Apple device, try getting a rival brand’s earbuds.

Whenever it comes to fantastic noise-canceling earphones, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are all packed with dynamic noise canceling, and there are hundreds of additional alternatives.

Where Should You Keep Your AirPods in Aeroplane?

Don’t be like one of those individuals who get home from a long journey just to realize they forgot their AirPods on the airplane. This will occur if you don’t have a proper place for them and simply put those inside your pockets or hold them in your palm.

It’s fantastic that they are so little that they can squeeze into the pockets of dress pants, but having them in a pocket requires you to pull them out when going through airport security.

Whenever you are in a hurry or have a problem, you might totally disregard them and abandon them with the TSA.

When you’re flying carrying a carry-on bag, make sure to put the AirPods in at least one of several smaller accessible pockets. But if you have got a personal bag, place them in a readily accessible area so you may immediately get them when needed.

Once you’re through using the AirPods, place them back within this pocket for safety. Keep them away from the plane seat since they may easily get lost or damaged, and it’s no pleasure attempting to find items under other person’s seats.

Passing TSA with AirPods

AirPods and similar wireless headsets are allowed in both carry-on as well as checked bags, so you shouldn’t have to remove them when traveling past security.

Just personal electronic gadgets larger than a cellphone must be removed from the luggage for inspection. Thus, AirPods can remain within. Unless you place them inside your pockets, in which case you must take those out.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never bring AirPods inside your checked luggage. For one thing, you won’t be able to retrieve them during flight, which contradicts the point of carrying those in the first place.

It’s also a good idea to keep AirPods inside your purse rather than in your pockets. Once you place the AirPods inside your pockets, you’ll have to remove them when going through security.

It’s not totally improbable that you’ll just overlook to pick them up again. They’ll be secure within your own luggage until you’re sitting properly on the flight.


To summarize, AirPods are indeed permitted on aircraft. Also, they are one of the ideal ways to keep oneself engaged during a lengthy ride. You may use them after you’ve activated flight mode; just make sure to turn Bluetooth again on afterward.

Some carriers’ in-flight infotainment systems support AirPods. If there is WiFi on the aircraft, you can watch everything you want, but if there is no WiFi, you will most probably be confined to offline material.

Furthermore, there is a remedy for in-flight infotainment systems that won’t link to the AirPods – acquire an AirFly adaptor, and you’ll be allowed to enjoy your Bluetooth headphones on almost any airline!


Can you use AirPods on a plane without WIFI?

For using AirPods on an aircraft, you’ll definitely require wireless access. This, nevertheless, doesn’t imply internet access. As long as the smartphone and AirPods are functioning normally, they will have all of the equipment required to communicate wirelessly.

What happens when you don't put your phone in airplane mode while flying?

If you do not put your tablet or smartphone into flight mode, it will continue to try to reconnect to each and every cellphone tower on the earth that the airline passes over.

How can I listen to music on a plane?

You may enjoy music on an aircraft using your phone. You must keep your phone in flight mode if you are traveling. You may then utilize your smartphone to listen to already downloaded songs from music sites such as Spotify.

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