Do Roku TVs Have Bluetooth? How to Connect to Roku TV?

Does your TV, particularly a high-end one like the Roku TV, include Bluetooth connectivity?

In this article, I will address your query, “Do Roku TVs have Bluetooth?”

Does Roku TV have Bluetooth?

No, Unfortunately, the Roku TV and Streaming Stick lack Bluetooth functionality, making it tough to utilize Bluetooth headphones as well as speakers alongside the Roku device.

But there are other Roku devices that provide this feature. As a solution for the TV and Streaming stick, you may acquire a Bluetooth receiver or a Roku remote that features an integrated headphone port.

Without having to resort to Bluetooth, you can now link your conventional headphones to any remote.

Consequently, before buying a Roku TV, you should verify its specifications to determine if it supports Bluetooth.

Here in this article, we’ll demonstrate how to pair your Roku streaming device with wireless audio accessories like Bluetooth speakers as well as headphones. If you want to learn more, continue reading!

Is Bluetooth Supported on Roku Streaming Devices?

Many various types of Roku streaming devices are available, allowing customers to choose how and where to watch their favorite shows and movies.

Some Roku devices do include built-in Bluetooth compatibility. However, the vast majority do not.

Roku players that support Bluetooth include the Roku Ultra (version 4640). This model’s remote controls have a headphone jack, so you can tune out the world and enjoy your tunes in peace.

To top it all off, the Roku Ultra has a speech search function that lets you discover what you want by simply talking to the remote.

Although not all Roku players are equipped with Bluetooth, there are nevertheless a few choices for those that want it.

Connecting Your Roku Streaming Device over Bluetooth to Your TV

Even if your Roku player doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, you can still pair it with wireless headphones as well as speakers by pairing it through a Bluetooth receiver.

These devices have an audio output that connects to any Roku TV as well as a streaming device, and then they send the sound out through Bluetooth.

As a result, you may use cordless headphones or speaker systems to tune in.

There is also the option of using headphones with a Roku control. Without having to resort to Bluetooth, you can now link your earphones to your remote.

Bluetooth Setup for Roku TV: What You Need to Know?

It’s crucial to bear in mind that each Roku TV model has a somewhat different set of capabilities when it comes to Bluetooth. Certain Roku TV models insist on using simply Roku Bluetooth speakers, while others need an accompanying Roku Smart Soundbar.

You should verify the precise model you possess, whether you’re employing a TCL or Philips.

Some Roku TV models aren’t designed to have certain functionalities, including Bluetooth or Private Listening. Therefore, before doing anything more, the model should be verified. Bring along your iOS and otherwise Android mobile device, too.

After that, continue with one of these options for utilizing Bluetooth with your Roku TV.

1. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers from Roku

In order to ensure a smooth connection with other Roku devices, the certified Roku TV Wireless speakers are a perfect solution.

The speaker’s integrated feature is simple to operate. These speakers include Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to easily pair them with your TV and enjoy high-quality audio streaming.

This speaker system is Bluetooth-enabled and works with the TV to provide wireless audio. The Roku speakers will need to be plugged in once you’ve got them. The TV will provide spoken guidance as you link your device with it.

Follow the steps below to connect Roku Wireless Speakers with Roku TV

Step 1: Press and hold the home button for 5 seconds on your Roku Remote.

Roku Remote Home Button

Step 2: Select Speaker.

Roku Settings Speaker

Step 3: Your Roku TV will be searching for the Roku Wireless Speaker to Connect. You will get all the instruction on the screen as it shows in the image below.

Roku TV Searching Speaker

Step 4: It will pair automatically. 

Please be patient as it checks for speaker updates. It will check for updates and implement them if any are detected.

To adjust the direction of the speakers, just follow the on-screen prompts.

To finalize the configuration, use the Confirm Settings button.

After setting up the Roku wireless speakers, you can pair them with Bluetooth-enabled devices, including a smartphone or computer.

2. Use Private Listening Mode

If you’re having trouble with your TV streaming, the Roku Private Listening option is a great method to overcome that initial hurdle. As a result of this function, you will be able to tune out the background noise and enjoy your media uninterrupted.

Please be aware that only certain Roku TV models have this functionality.

Headphones with Bluetooth technology allow you to watch the material of your choice on the TV. In any case, connecting the gadget to your smartphone is all that’s required.

Private Listening mode allows a user to essentially pair any Bluetooth item with the television. 

Follow the steps below to enable Private Listing on your Roku TV.

Step 1: Get the Roku app on Google Play (for Android) or Apple App Store (for iOS).

Google Play


Step 2: Launch the App and Select Roku Remote from the menu.

Roku Remote App

Step 3: Click on the Headphone Icon on the Roku Remote App.

Roku Remote App Headphone

Connect your wired speakers or headphones to your device before following the above steps.

You may enjoy your favorite shows and movies via WIFI streaming after you turn on this function.


Do Roku TVs support Bluetooth? Your question has been answered, and maybe you’ve learned more than you expected.

You’ll require a phone or a computer to use Bluetooth on a Roku TV. The Roku wireless speaker integrates with your Roku streaming media player so that you can use your TV’s Bluetooth capabilities.

The Roku mobile application also offers a Private Listening mode, should you like. It’s also worth considering Bluetooth keyboards, which are a convenient way to experiment with this feature.

You may use this to link Wireless earbuds or even speakers. Upto four persons can make use of Bluetooth listening simultaneously.

You may use Bluetooth to connect your TV to a variety of devices and access a wide variety of materials. However, the exact models and methods available to you will rely on the type you now own or plan to purchase.

Try power cycling the Roku TV if you continue to experience connectivity issues. You may do this by selecting Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Factory Data Reset.


How can I link my Roku TV to a smartphone?

The Roku Application allows you to link your smartphone to your Roku TV and give you complete control over it from anywhere in the room. Simply install the Roku software from a recognized application store and continue as per the on-screen prompts to set up your Roku streaming device. Before you pair your devices, make sure they’re both connected to the same network.

What Bluetooth capabilities does the Roku TV have?

If you want to watch content from a Bluetooth-connected device on any Roku TV, you’ll need to launch the Bluetooth channel. However, browser-based content sharing might not be supported. Popular Bluetooth file types include personalized media like music, podcasts, radio, as well as audiobooks.

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