Hisense TV Won’t Turn On? Try These Easy Solutions

Unfortunately, electronic equipment is not always trustworthy. They will very certainly face difficulties, with some even ceasing to operate.

This is most likely the situation with your Hisense TV. Fortunately, failure of the latter does not necessarily imply that it is no longer useful.

Everyone has access to easy options for reviving it. 

Solutions To Fix Hisense TV Won’t Turn On

1. Examine the PSU BoardRestart The Television

The abbreviation PSU stands for Power Supply UnitsIt is used to transform the energy from the source into other forms and voltages in technical terms.

It controls voltage and power, to put it another way. Consequently, if the PSU voltage falls below a certain level, the Hisense TVs will not turn on. 

If your television does not turn on, this could be one of the causes. So, attempt to figure out where the voltage comes from.

If the voltage becomes less than 4.5, it is recommended that you unhook the main power cord from the source outlet.

2. Restart Your Hisense TV

This procedure will assist you in repairing minor issues and resetting your television.

Follow this video to do the following steps: 

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the primary power source. 
  2. Also, if it’s possible, remove any additional wires that aren’t in use. 
  3. Also, disconnect it immediately and avoid switching off the TV with the remote.
  4. Allow the television to rest for a while.
  5. Overheating might occasionally cause a display issue.
  6. As a result, consider leaving your TV unattended for at least 10 minutes.
  7. After 10 minutes, continue with the steps.
  8. After you have given your TV some time to rest, it’s time to reconnect the wires.
  9. Make certain that you do it with caution.
  10. Place the wires in their proper locations.
  11. For one minute, press and hold the power button. This will also turn off the extra power that your TV is receiving.
  12. Turn on your television after you’ve completed the preceding steps. And your issue must have vanished.

3. Examine Your Remote Control

The reason your TV isn’t turning on is that the remote sometimes doesn’t respond. So double-check your remote.

The simple steps are:

  1. You’ll need your remote because you need to reboot it.
  2. Replace the batteries from the remote.
  3. If your batteries are used up, you should consider changing them.
  4. Remove the battery and let it out for a few moments.
  5. Then, press and hold the channel down, and volume up buttons together while the batteries are not in the remote. 
  6. The remote will be reset.
  7. Wait a few seconds after releasing the buttons before moving on to the next stage.
  8. Now, randomly hit the buttons on the remote. 
  9. Finally, the batteries may be reinstalled in their proper places. Now is the time to use your remote control.

4. Soft Reset Your Hisense TV

Here are the steps to your reset your Hisense TV. 

  1. Make sure the power cable is disconnected from the source outlet.
  2. Don’t use the remote to switch off the TV.
  3. Remove the plug abruptly so that the power source is switched off abruptly.
  4. Now, push the power button on the television.
  5. It’s commonly found underneath the TV logo on Hisense TVs. However, it varies depending on the model.
  6. You must hold the button down for 15 seconds.
  7. Then, stop pressing the button. 
  8. Leave the television unattended.
  9. You may now turn on your television. The soft reset has been completed.

5. Hard Reset Using Menu And Volume Button

That might prove the last step in any problem-solving process since it deletes all of the data and settings stored on your TV.

After the reset, you’ll need to re-setup your television. However, this is always an excellent solution.

Outlined below are the steps:

  1. Hold down the volume and menu buttons at the same time. 
  2. Both of these buttons may be found on the back of the Hisense television. 
  3. Hold them together if you don’t want the reset to fail.
  4. Press the power button.
  5. A blue light will appear on your TV’s indicator. It’s a power supply indication.
  6. Let the other buttons alone for now and push the power button for another 10-15 seconds.
  7. Release all the buttons. Make sure the power cord is disconnected from the supply line outlet. This will give your television a rest. Allow a few moments to pass.
  8. It’s finally time to plug your TV back in, and it’s ready to watch.

6. Hard Reset Using The Reset Button

Below are the steps,

  • You’ll find the reset button on your TV. It is also labeled on some TV models.
  • Because it’s shaped like a hole, pressing it requires a pin or another thin tool.
  • Hold the reset button for a few seconds.
  • Your television has been reset. Now is the time to turn it on.
  • Because all of your settings will be reset following the reset, you’ll have to configure your TV now.

7. Make Sure That The Internal Components Are Functional

If the preceding inspections revealed nothing, it’s extremely probable that a faulty internal component is to blame for the failure, and that’s why your Hisense television won’t switch on. 

This is one of the most constrictive issues since it necessitates the assistance of a specialist and the replacement of a part, both of which are typically costly.

Be aware that capacitors and fuses are frequently the two sorts of components that lead a Hisense TV to fail. These two sorts of components are critical to a TV’s electrical circuit, but they are also quite delicate. They frequently become worn out over time. 

There are several instructions available on how to find and repair a damaged fuse or capacitor. However, keep an eye out for the dangers of electric shock, wounds, and equipment damage. Only do the changes if you are confident in your abilities. 

Otherwise, seek the help of a specialist. When doing any changes, turn off the power by using a circuit breaker and/or disconnecting the Hisense TV from the wall outlet.

8. Plug Your TV Into Various Outlets

It may be quite annoying when the television does not turn on. 

However, if you peek inside your TV, you’ll notice that a number of components might be the source of the problem. If a red light is on, the TV receives electricity from an outlet.

It’s possible that there’s a problem with the outlet or the connection that connects it to the TV. However, it’s also possible something is faulty with the television.

  • To begin, disconnect the television and plug it into a separate socket.
  • If the red light stops flashing, something is wrong with the power supply where your television was previously plugged in.
  • Assume your new outlet is identical to the old one, and your television continues to be unresponsive.
  • In such a scenario, you should inspect the cable connecting your TV to the wall more closely—the plug end connecting to your TV may have been detached or broken off anywhere along the thread’s connection region.


If your Hisense TV won’t turn on and the power indicator light is red, consider some of these solutions before returning it to the retailer.

Follow these solutions:

  • Check The PSU Board
  • Restart The Television
  • Examine Your Remote Control
  • Soft Reset The TV
  • Hard Reset Using Menu And Volume Button
  • Hard Reset Using The Reset Button
  • Make Sure That The Internal Components Are In Good Working Order
  • Plug Your TV Into Various Outlets


How Can I Switch On My Hisense TV Manually?

You may use the manual buttons to switch on the Hisense television without using the remote. To turn the TV on, simply push the Power button. TV sets have become a need in every household, especially with all of the new technologies available, such as built-in WiFi, high-definition video, and Android OS.

What Is The Best Way Of Forcing A Hisense TV To Reboot?

A functional reset button may be found on new Hisense TV models on the back of the device. Search for a reset button and put pressure on it with a thin pin. While you are doing this, your TV must be on. Release the reset button after it has rebooted twice or more.

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