How To Turn On Roku TV Without Remote?

When you open the box of any Roku product you purchase, you will discover a suitable Roku TV remote control and two AAA batteries. As long as the remote is functional, you may instantly turn on the Roku and operate or explore its user interface. 

Unfortunate situations include when your Roku remote control stops working or gets misplaced. In such a situation, launching the Roku TV will be challenging.

It seems appropriate that someone would search for instructions on how to turn on Roku TV without remote.

The topic is covered in this article, so you’ll never have to give up watching your favorite shows on Roku when you don’t have a remote.

How To Turn On Roku TV Without Remote?

1. Finding the Roku TV’s Power ButtonMethod # 01: Finding The Roku TV's Power Button:

You’ll have to use the power button on the TV to turn it on if you’ve misplaced your Roku remote.

The year, model, and manufacture of your TV are some of the factors which will determine exactly where the power button is located.

The four key areas to look at are listed below.

  • Middle And Underside of the TV

The power button on your Roku TV is often found just under the center of the screen. Don’t feel terrible if you couldn’t find it; it’s a really obscure location that few people are even aware of.

You can find a power button on the underside, either slightly forward or farther back, depending on the type you have, but that’s where you’ll find it.

To find it, simply reach below and feel around.

  • Right Side Of The TV’s Back

Chances are that the power button on your Roku TV is on the right side of the TV at the backside.

This location is another difficult and awkwardly positioned power button by Roku.

You can check the rear, right side of your TV, which can be done by moving the TV a little away from the wall. There needs to be a tiny power button there.

If you can’t access the location easily, you can also use a flashlight in order to see better. 

You will have to check the rear left side as well, as discussed in the next point. 

  • TV’s Left Side And Back

If the above location doesn’t work for you, you can move forward to checking at a new location. 

Move the TV away from the wall a little farther this time, and gaze at the left-hand side of the TV’s back. There needs to be a tiny power button there.

  • Left-Front, Below

The location of the power button is sometimes at difficult-to-reach locations.

You will be able to find the receiver as the receiver should be located towards the front left underside of your Roku TV.

A little power button is located right behind that receiver. It is simple to miss. As soon as you see the TV going on and off, simply push about here.

2. The Roku TV User Guide Would Also Be Beneficial

After following the directions above, if you’re still having difficulties locating the power button on your Roku TV, you may try looking up the user manual for your specific model and year.

The back of your TV should be able to provide you with the precise model number. Enter it in Google along with the brand and “user manual” after that.

In the handbook, you’ll probably find a diagram indicating what each button on your TV does and where it is located.

3. Use the Roku Mobile App

Roku Mobile App On Button

You may use the free Roku App on Android or iOS to switch on your TV if, for some reason, you can’t manage to find the power button on it.

You can consider downloading the Roku app on any kind of smartphone you may be using. 

As soon as it has finished downloading, you will be asked to look for nearby Roku devices. The list should automatically include your Roku TV. Select it to connect, and go forward. 

You will now be able to use your phone as a remote for your Roku TV. 

The red power button must be pressed!

The instructions below should help if you downloaded the app and are experiencing problems connecting to your TV.

  1. Close the Roku application
  2. Remove the electrical plug from your TV.
  3. After waiting at least 10 seconds, re-plug your TV.
  4. Open the Roku app once more and try to connect after waiting 30 seconds for the TV to connect.
  5. You are now aware of how to operate Roku TV without remote control, thanks to these instructions.

Purchase a new Roku remote from the shop if you find the Roku app to be inconvenient. When not in use, you may quickly turn off your Roku streaming device to conserve energy.

4. Utilize A Cable or Satellite Remote Control

Using one of the additional remotes you have laying around to switch on your TV is an excellent alternative.

It might be possible that you own remote control from a cable or satellite provider. If this is the case, then you can think about programming it to your Roku TV.

You can simply locate the specific Roku remote program codes so as to connect a new remote with your Roku TV.

5. Purchase A New Roku Remote Control

 Finally, you might be forced to replace your Roku TV remote if none of the aforementioned suggestions work.

You can get an Original Roku Remote Control on Amazon.

Fortunately, a replacement remote won’t set you back much. You may even think about getting an extra remote in case of an emergency.


Use the power button that is immediately on the TV if you want to switch on your Roku TV without a remote. The good news is that each Roku TV has a manual power control button built into it. 

The key locations to search for the power button on your Roku TV are:

  • Middle, bottom
  • The right side of the TV’s back
  • TV’s left side and back
  • Left-front, below

If you’re still having trouble finding your TV’s power button, try looking up the manual online. It needs to include a schematic showing the placement of each button on your TV.


Does Roku TV Have A Power Button?

On Roku TV, the power button is present. Depending on TV models, the button could be at the bottom or at the rear.

Without A Remote, How Can I Switch On My Hisense Roku TV?

The Hisense TV’s actual power button may be used to turn it on.

Without Remote Control or WiFi, How Can I Switch On My Roku TV?

By connecting your Roku to your phone’s cellular hotspot, you may use it without remote control or WiFi. After that, configure your phone’s Roku mobile app to operate the Roku device.

What Should I Do If My Roku Control Is Lost?

Simply press the microphone button on the Roku app and ask it to discover your remote by saying, “Hey, Roku, find my remote.” Your compatible remote will instantly start beeping when you do this. Again, you may turn off the sound by pressing any button on the remote once you locate it.

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