How To Fix Roku Low Power or Insufficient Power Error? (Easy Solution)

When the Roku senses that it cannot draw enough power, it will display an ‘Insufficient Power’ or ‘Low Power’ warning on the screen, along with a lightning bolt and a plug symbol.

Troubleshooting this issue might be difficult.

However, some simple methods and solutions can help you fix the issue in no time.

This article will assist you in resolving the problem in ways which I have tested myself on my Roku device.

Solutions For Fixing Roku Low Power or Insufficient Power

Outlined below are some of the easy solutions that you can use to fix Roku Low Power or Insufficient Power Error:

1. Restart the Device

Reset The Device

The ‘Inadequate Power’ on Roku can be resolved with a short restart. These simple steps could help you: 

  1. Hold the power button on Roku device for five to ten seconds, or
  2. Disconnect Roku for a minute or so. After that, reconnect it.

This procedure should work if there had been no problem with the cable earlier and it operated perfectly. But make sure the device isn’t in standby mode.

Before restarting, make sure it’s turned off properly. This should be done on a regular basis. It will assist you in avoiding a variety of small television troubles.

Furthermore, I recommend restoring your Roku device to reset mode. It will restart your television as if you had just bought it brand new.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll lose all you’ve worked so hard to preserve. Simply pair your Google account to back up those files. You may discover them even after a reset.

  1. Go into the settings by pressing the home button on the remote.
  2. Select “reset” from the device’s options.
  3. Under the Factory Data Reset option, select “yes.”
  4. Lastly, wait a while and then switch on the television.

This method could probably resolve the issue. However, if it doesn’t, you can still resort to the following easy solutions as well.

2. Cool Down the Device

Cool Down The Device

When the Roku sensor senses a rise in temperature, it reduces the amount of power it consumes.

Cooling the device can be done by using the following steps:

  1. Allow the television to breathe or cool down, and this fixes the problem.
  2. Additionally, if the flash begins to become red, this is a sign of overheating. Take immediate steps to resolve this issue. 
  3. Check if anything is obstructing incoming air and exhaust. The most common reason is dust or dirt.
  4. Brush the clog away with canned air.
  5. In this way, the overheating problem will be solved instantly if the fans can replace hot air with cold air.

3. Remove Any Dust Or Debris

Your television, like computers, is susceptible to dust and dirt. Cleaning away the dust from your Roku device occasionally is a simple way to prevent go Roku low power pop-up message since I have already discussed how dirt can lead to your device overheating.

Use the following simple steps in such a case:

  1. Dust all of the device’s components except the screen.
  2. Make certain that you don’t overlook any little vents or ports. These components are the most susceptible to debris, causing the device to malfunction.
  3. Some television makers include a special piece of fabric just for this purpose. If you do have that intact, it is preferable to utilize it.
  4. Alternatively, carefully clean the dust away using a microfiber cloth.

4. Try a Different USB Port

This is one of the most efficient methods for resolving the Roku Insufficient Power error.

Using a new USB cable might possibly solve the problem. For this, you can take the following steps:

  • I strongly advise you to use the USB cord that comes included with your Roku device.
  • Even on their own website, the experts recommend utilizing the manufacturer’s cable rather than a random one.
  • Furthermore, this problem might be caused by a USB port communication issue. The port may be ancient and have accumulated enough junk or dust to render it useless as a connection. So, experiment with other USB ports to see whether any of the other ports work.
  • If the other ports are working properly, you know what to do, simply replace the old USB port with the new one. This resolves the problem for me in most cases.

5. Try Wall Outlet

A good means for fixing your Roku Insufficient Power alerts is by using the direct wall outlet.

This is a strategy that many consumers would overlook. However, this minor detail might provide you with the solution you need.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Remove the USB cord from the television.
  2. Then, take an adapter and attach the cord to one end while the other end is plugged into a standard power socket.
  3. For a small Roku device, the wall power will be too much. As a result, the adaptor transforms the wall power into a more useful form for low-energy tiny appliances.
  4. It’s worth noting that particularly lengthy cables can lose power along the way, resulting in an inadequate quantity of electricity being delivered. A three-footer should suffice. So, make sure it isn’t excessively lengthy.

6. Extensions Should Be Removed

Many people utilize the power extension and HDMI extension to connect their TV to their Roku streaming device; however, this might result in inadequate power, malfunction, and overheating of the extension.

Therefore, make sure to follow these recommendations:

  • All HDMI and other extensions should be removed,
  • The standard high-quality power wire should be used instead.

7. Delete Cache

If your Roku device is still functioning erratically and unpredictably after attempting all of the aforementioned fixes, it may not be a power issue.

If your shows are buffering for longer times, your applications are crashing, or your screen is frozen, you may need to clear the cache.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. To start with, access the main screen by hitting the “Home” button on the remote.
  2. Then, on your remote, hit the following sequence:
  3. Press the Home button five times,
  4. Then, press the UP button one time,
  5. Then, press the Rewind button two times,
  6. Lastly, Press the Fast Forward button two times.
  7. This will reboot your Roku device and erase the cache, which should resolve any troubles you’re having.

Key Takeaways

On getting the Low Power alert on your Roku device, you can use the following solutions as discussed above:

  1. Resetting the device,
  2. Cooling down the device,
  3. Removing any dust or dirt,
  4. Trying a different USB Port,
  5. Trying direct wall outlet,
  6. Removing all the extensions,
  7. Deleting cache.

Following the above-mentioned methods could potentially resolve the issue once and for all.


Why is My Roku Device Still Displaying A Low Power Warning While Being Plugged In?

It’s likely that the problem is with your USB cable. A longer USB cord reduces the amount of power required to run the stick, resulting in the warning you’re seeing. As a result, acquire a high-quality, short, and appropriate USB cable with the same power specifications as you need.

How Can I Resolve The Roku Device's Inadequate Power And Low Power Warnings?

Use the included adapter to connect your Roku device to the next USB port on your TV or straight to the power socket.

Is It Possible To Charge Roku Through USB?

One of two methods is used to power the Roku device: Connect to the television: Linking the Roku to your TV through USB might supply it with the power it needs via the TV’s electrical connection.

Is There A Roku Power Supply Required?

It is not necessary to purchase a different power supply. The Roku stick includes a USB cable and adapter, so you can plug it into a USB port on your TV or use the provided converter.

What Does Roku Mean When It Says Low Power?

If your Roku is showing you a “low power” warning, it’s because it’s hooked into your TV’s USB port, which isn’t delivering enough power! Instead, you could use the Roku power cable/converter and connect your Roku to a wall socket.

Why Is The Red Light On My Roku TV Flashing?

If your Roku TV won’t switch on but has a steady or flickering red indicator light, you’re dealing with a power supply or other hardware problem.

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