Where is the Power Button On My Samsung TV?

When first using a Samsung TV, you might have trouble locating the power button. Where can I find the power button on my Samsung TV?

Read this guide to learn where the power button is located on a Samsung TV.

The issue, though, is that the power button is located in a range of various places on different Samsung models, making it difficult to locate at times.

This article can help you find the power button on any Samsung TV if you’re experiencing difficulties doing so.

Where is the Power Button On My Samsung TV?

Power is normally indicated by a red light around the bottom bezel of the display, and the button to turn the unit on is typically situated close by.

However, the TV’s power button may be located in the following places if you’re still having trouble locating it.

1. Directly Below the Samsung Label in the Center

Samsung TV under Logo power button

Underneath the middle of the lower frame, or alternatively, underneath the Samsung emblem, is often where you’ll find a Samsung TV’s power button.

The location of the power button varies per model, so you may need to experiment by placing your hand beneath the Samsung emblem to find it.

Maybe your TV is missing a power button, and you don’t feel anything because of it. You may continue your search for the power button from here.

2. Directly Beneath the TV on the Right

Samsung TV Right Power button

The right side of the bottom frame is another typical location for the power key on Samsung televisions. This is also where most people keep their TV receivers.

A power button wouldn’t normally be found here, making it look like Samsung is trying to hide it.

Not to mention, the power button is really small. It’s important that you thoroughly feel around this region for the power button. This button could be located underneath the standby indicator light on some variants.

3. Right and Left Front Bezel (Touch Control)

Samsung TV Touch Bezel Power Button

You can adjust the volume and channel with the press of a button on some Samsung TVs. The on/off switch for these Samsung televisions is often located on the right side of the bottom bezel.

With merely a touch sensor hidden within the lower bezel, turning the device on requires careful inspection of the symbol shown there. You may turn on the TV by pressing the power button (labeled or represented by an icon) and waiting a few seconds.

This button may also be found on the front left corner of some older Samsung TVs; look there. In case you cannot see a power symbol, it’s likely because the TV doesn’t have a touchscreen interface.

4. Back of the TV on the Right

Samsung TV Power Button in the Back

If you’ve already checked the TV’s front, sides, and back and still can’t locate the power button, your only remaining option is the TV’s backside, Because you’ll have to tilt the TV forward a little, this isn’t the best spot for the power button.

Once you’ve gotten your fingers behind the TV’s right side, slide it around until you reach the Power button. If you still can’t see it, you should probably push your TV forward and use a flashlight to look for it.

The power button of any Samsung TV is often located on the right side of the television, but if you can’t seem to find it there, try moving the television ahead from the left side.

Discovering Where the Power Button is Located on a Samsung TV

In order to locate the power button for any Samsung TV, you must first determine the model of your set.

To find the model number follow the steps below.

Step 1: Goto Settings.

Step 2: In Settings, Select Support

Samsung TV Support Settings

Step 3: In Support, Select About This TV.

About This TV Samsung TV Settings

Step 4: In About This TV, you can find the model number. 

Samsung TV Model Code

Knowing your Samsung TV’s make and model can help you find the power button easily online. Some sort of picture should appear of your precise Samsung TV model online because their power buttons are often situated in the same place across their product range.

There may be a way to locate your Samsung TV by the make and model if you can’t discover the placement of the power button online.

There are four distinct lines of Samsung televisions (N, Q, S, and MU).

Samsung TV Model Number Power Button Location
LED UHD 8 Series Right Side Bottom
QN75Q60BAFXZA Right Side Bottom
SAMUN40N5200ARB Right Side Bottom
QLED Q70 Series Right Side Bottom
QN65QN90BAFXZA Right Side Bottom
UHD 9 Series Middle Bottom
QLED 4K Q60 Series Right Side Bottom
TU8000 UHD 8 Series Middle Bottom
QN55Q80BAFXZA Middle Bottom
UHD 8300 Series Middle Bottom
LS03T Lifestyle Series One Connect Box
QN50QN9DAAFXZA Right Side Bottom
QN55S95BAFXZA Right Side Bottom
E99SAMQN43Q60BA Right Side Bottom
QN55LS03BAFXZA One Connect Box
QN43Q6DAAFXZA Right Side Bottom
QLED Q80 Series Middle Bottom
QN43Q60BAFXZA Right Side Bottom
Neo QLED 8K Right Side Bottom

If you are still struggling to find the power button for your particular Samsung TV model, then check out Samsung TV Manuals on Samsung Website.


There is an annual rotation among Samsung TV models in terms of where the Power button is located. The power button should be in one of the four places specified above; if you can’t find it, keep looking. If you can’t find the button by touch, try looking for it with a flashlight.

There is some variation in where the power button is located among Samsung TV models. In contrast to certain models, others place the power button along the side or in a discrete corner of the screen.

You can relax and use your new Samsung TV without wasting time trying to figure out how to switch it on.


Does Every Samsung TV Include A Power Button?

Definitely! All Samsung TVs come with a power button that toggles the device on and off and also operates additional features like volume and channel. The Power button on select Samsung Smart TV models may also be used to bring up the TV’s settings as well as the Smarthub.

How can I switch on my Samsung television if I don't have the remote?

Samsung TVs have a power button or may be activated using the company’s mobile application. The TV must be connected in order to be turned on using the smartphone application, so keep that in mind.

Where Is A Samsung TV's Power Button?

The power button of a Samsung TV likewise serves as the button to turn the television off, and it may often be found in any one of the following locations:

  • Just next to the Samsung logo
  • Right underneath the main frame
  • Bezel’s front face
  • In the back of the set

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