Samsung TV Red Light Blinking? Try These Easy Solutions

If you are facing the Samsung TV Red Light Blinking issue, then there can be multiple reasons behind it. Also, there are a few things you may do to resolve the problem if you are also facing this issue.

To discover what they are, keep reading.

Why Do Samsung TVs Have A Blinking Red Light?

Samsung TV Red Light Blinking? Try These Easy Solutions

You might worry if the light on your Samsung TV starts to flicker red. Red is, after all, a sign that is nearly never good in technology.

Your Samsung TV may be blinking red, but that doesn’t always mean it’s beyond repair. That’s possible, but it isn’t likely.

When a Samsung TV’s power button blinks red, there are three general kinds of problems that might be to blame:

  • An outlet or surge protector that isn’t working properly, LED backlights that are shorted, a power board with bloated capacitors, or other electrical issues (most likely)
  • Problems with the connection or source: Occasionally, an HDMI bug or an erroneous source selection is at fault (less likely)
  • Restarting the TV is necessary: A power cycle, sometimes referred to as a “soft reset,” is necessary for your TV in order to fix a problematic software update.

Causes Explained For Samsung TV Red Light Blinking Issue

1. Improper Flow Of Electricity

Although the precise causes might vary, they are all related to the same problem: your TV’s electrical system is malfunctioning in one or more areas.

This often occurs because your TV experienced an electrical spike that shorted out a component. Most frequently, it involves harm to the:

  • LED backlight strips, a power cord, the energy in your house or apartment, or a power board (a component within the TV that changes the 110V flow from the wall socket into something the TV can manage).
  • The TV is either receiving too much or too little energy in these circumstances, as shown by the flickering red light.

2. Source Problems

Any problems relating to the source or input on the TV are referred to as “Source Difficulties” 

It could be blocking your TV from turning on, for instance, if you have an HDMI wire extending from your TV to your Xbox or PlayStation.

A function known as Anynet+, commonly referred to as HDMI-CEC, allows some gaming consoles to turn on your TV whenever the console does. When it functions, it’s a fairly wonderful feature. What’s not to enjoy about turning on your console and having your TV turn on as well?

When you try to switch on your TV, a flashing red light may occur for a variety of reasons, such as if there has recently been lightning in your neighborhood or if the TV’s power supply is just old or broken.

Sadly, it can also imply that your TV won’t turn on until the console does. 

3. TV Must Be ResettedTV Must Be Reset

Software bugs, the need for an upgrade, or simply the unpredictable and finicky nature of technology might all be at blame.

No technology, regardless of price, is impervious to a need for a reset.

Your TV is still plugged in, and certain operations continue even when it is off. Unplugging the TV is not the same as turning it off.

Solutions to Resolve the Samsung TV Red Light Blinking

You may use a variety of troubleshooting techniques to stop the red light from flashing, depending on where the problem is.

1. Restart Your TV

It could be wise to restart your TV if it has a red blinking light on. If you do, the problem might not recur when it turns on. 

The problem with the TV’s power source is probably the reason for the blinking light. It’s conceivable that the power IC has had a problem.

The fact that the TV has been on for a long period is most likely to blame for this.  The IC heats up when the TV is on for a longer duration, which starts the red light flashing.

Therefore, you must ensure that the power IC has cooled down in order to resolve this problem. 

Restarting the TV is the most effective way to achieve this. You merely need to unplug the TV’s power cable and wait for around 10 minutes to accomplish it.

You must continue holding down the power button on your TV for an additional minute after the 10 minutes are over. 

You just re-insert the power cord after that. Once the TV is turned on, the red blinking light ought to be gone.

2. Try Power Reset

The other approach is to power reset your Samsung TV if the restart didn’t resolve your problem. 

You need to unplug the TV’s power cord and leave it there for an hour in order to do this. 

Put the power cord back into the TV while you’re still holding down the power button, and you should be done.

Making sure that nothing is circumventing the connection from the power source to the TV is necessary for this approach to function, though. 

In order for this to function effectively, you must make sure that there are no power strips or surge protectors present.

If the preceding method doesn’t work for you, there is another option to power reset your Samsung TV.

The volume down and menu buttons on your TV must both be held down simultaneously.

Once you have completed this, the TV has to start to glow blue. 

Then, after holding the buttons for a further 10 seconds, you should let go. 

3. Update the Firmware Of Your TV

The red blinking light on your Samsung TV may be the result of the firmware not being updated if your TV is an older model. 

Additionally, failing to update the firmware results in a variety of software problems, all of which might result in the flashing red light.

So, all you have to do to remedy this is see if there are any firmware upgrades available, and if so, download them right away. 

Simply restart your TV after installing the update to fix the blinking light issue.

4. Check Power Supply

The next likely cause of the problem you’re experiencing is a low power supply. 

Additionally, excessive input of electric current will have a bad effect on the power supply and may possibly harm your equipment because of overheating. 

Your TV’s transistors and capacitors may burn out as a result.

You should install surge protectors to your connection to avoid this and safeguard your Samsung TV from power supply problems. 

It is preferable for the surge protector to be put in on a secondary basis. 

5. Examine HDMI SourceExamine HDMI Source

The HDMI source may be to blame for the red blinking light. 

These kinds of problems may arise if you have been connecting game consoles to your TV and have neglected to turn off the HDMI connection after you are finished.

It’s pretty simple to repair this; all you have to do is reconnect the game console and then change the HDMI source, and the problem should be resolved.

6. Check Your Surge Protector And Outlets

I advise checking your surge protector and wall outlet first because replacing the power cable, power board, or TV.

To determine if your TV is the problem, plug it into a separate socket, if necessary, with an extension cable.

If it starts to light up, you should either get a new surge protector or get an electrician to examine your (probably fried) outlet.

Before presuming that your power supply is defective, always check your outlets and surge protector.

7. Find the Shorted Components Using A Voltmeter

After ruling out your wall socket and surge protector, the power cable, power supply, or LED backlights are probably to blame.

However, there is one more step you may do to determine the root of the problem before you purchase a replacement part or use your TV’s warranty.

To check whether power is entering your TV, use a voltmeter (and where the flow stops).

Voltmeters are inexpensive, simple to use, and a wonderful way to find the precise location of a TV issue.

Your power cable is faulty if the outlet is operational, but the voltmeter doesn’t register a reading at the outlet.

Even better, you can open up your TV to see exactly which parts need to be changed. After the TV is opened, remove the back panel to test the LED backlights and capacitors by positioning your voltmeter correctly.

A voltmeter is not necessary, but if you do have one, it may be quite useful in determining if you need a new power board or cord.


If you are facing the Samsung TV Red Light Blinking issue, then the following are the most probable causes for it, as discussed in the article:

  • Improper Flow Of Electricity
  • Source Problems
  • TV Must Be Reset

Furthermore, the following solutions have been discussed in the article, which you can use to resolve the issue:

  1. Restart Your TV
  2. Try Power Reset
  3. Update The Firmware Of Your TV
  4. Check Power Supply
  5. Examine HDMI Source
  6. Check Your Surge Protector And Outlets
  7. Find The Shorted Components Using A Voltmeter


Does The Samsung Warranty Cover A Failed Power Supply?

Yes, power supply failure is covered by the Samsung Warranty. Since there is a mechanical issue that is not the users’ fault, you are not responsible for paying to have it fixed or replaced.

Why Are There Five Red Blinks On My Samsung TV?

A five-blinking red light on Samsung TV: troubleshooting and diagnosis. Your Samsung TV’s red light may be flashing if the power board is the cause of the problem. As an alternative, a backlight LED problem can exist. The power board may be changed to address the first issue, or the TV can be reset.

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