Sound Not Working on Sony TV? Try These Easy Solutions

You may have experienced sound issues with your Sony TV at some point in your life. When a TV stops giving sound, it feels useless to watch it because you don’t understand anything that is going on.

Many Sony users have complaints regarding sound not working on Sony TV.

Luckily, we found some problems with why the sound might not be working on Sony TV, and we have also found the solutions to fix it too.

In case you want to know about some of the best solutions to fix the Sony TV sound problem, then this guide has all that you need to know.

Reasons for Sound On Sony TV Not Working

Suppose you are having problems figuring out why your Sony TV isn’t producing any audio.

Here is a thorough list of potential causes for the no sound problem on your Sony TV:

1. Mute is Turned On

It’s possible that your TV’s mute function has been turned on. Or else, your TV’s volume has dropped dramatically, making it appear as though your Sony TV isn’t operating.

Most TV models display the word “MUTE” on the screen; however, some don’t.

2. Hardware Malfunction

Your smart TV’s sound performance may have been impacted by a malfunction or issue in the internal hardware of your Sony TV.

Your audio won’t be audible if you solely utilize the built-in speakers on your TV and if these are damaged.

3. Extremely Low Volume

Your TV speakers may potentially have developed a defect over time. The volume on your TV may sound considerably lower than it actually is as a result of this.

To make the sound more audible, you should try increasing the volume.

4. Loose Cables

Check the wires as well for any damage or wear. Your TV audio may be affected if your connection cables are loose.

Your TV might not be operating properly if the connection cables or port are heavily contaminated with dust or debris.

Make that the connections between your TV and any other connected devices are not interrupted.

5. Faulty Software

Your Sony TV’s software could become corrupted due to tainted files. If this is the case, your TV won’t work as it should, and you’ll need to reset it or reboot it to update the software or delete the data currently stored on it.

Solutions to Fix Sound Not Working on Sony TV

Now, as we have highlighted the problems, it’s time to talk about their solutions.

1. Check the Volume Settings

Make sure that the TV is not on mute and that the volume on your Sony TV is not too low before moving on to the next step.

2. Verify the Speakers Are Enabled

Sometimes the Sony speakers aren’t enabled in the sound/audio section of your TV’s settings. Check to see if it tells TV Speakers, Sony Speakers, or something like that under the Sound/Audio area of your TV’s settings.

If not, the television won’t know where to play the sound.

3. Incorrect Audio Input Setting

Maybe a different speaker has been set up on your TV to play audio. Or perhaps you were using a headset that was linked to the TV, which might have altered the default audio settings on your TV. 

4. Unplug the TV from the Wall Socket

You probably don’t think twice about this, but many individuals don’t actually give it a shot. The most popular way to try to get the TV sound back is to unplug it from the wall socket.

In order to proceed, unplug the TV. Wait 1 minute, then plug it back in. Hold the Sony TV’s plug in place for approximately 30 seconds. 

The TV should soft reset after doing this, which should assist in draining any remaining power. This is distinct from merely using the remote to switch on and off the TV.

5. Check Output Settings

It will attempt to play the audio through that setting if your Sony is set to the incorrect input. Although your Sony is set to an external speaker, you might be expecting the sound to play through the TV’s built-in speakers instead.

6. Check For Software Updates

Your Sony TV may be using out-of-date software, which is causing your TV’s sound to glitch.

Follow the steps below to update your Sony TV to the latest version.

Note: Make sure the Sony TV is connected to the internet.

Step 1: Click on the Home button on your LG TV Remote. 

Home Button Sony TV Remote

Step 2: In Home, Select Settings

Settings Sony TV

Step 3: In Settings, Select System.

System Sony TV

Step 4: In System, Select About.

About Sony TV

Step 5: In About, Select System software update.

System software update sony tv

Step 6: In System Software Update, Select Software Update.

Software update sony tv

Step 7: Once you click on the Software update, the TV will start looking for the latest update and if there is an update it will start updating, If not it will show you that “Your software is up to date” 

Software is up to date sony tv

7. Connect Cables Properly

Ensure that any wires connecting your Sony TV to a DVD player or other devices are firmly connected.

Verify that the ports are free of debris and dust. Clean them out with a dry towel if there are. Then confirm that the connection is tight and secure after plugging it in.

A loose connection may prevent enough power from reaching your TV, therefore, disrupting audio signals.

8. Remove and Replug the Power Cord From the TV’s Back

This is another simple TV sound repair method. Simply disconnect the power cord from the back of your TV and leave it there for about 60 seconds. Replug it after that.

Use the TV’s power button, not its remote, to turn it on after the power cord has been safely plugged back in.

Your TV sound system may occasionally experience issues because of the default sound settings. 

Try pressing the Mute button to make sure the TV audio is not muted if you are unable to hear the volume change.

9. Factory Reset Your Sony TV

Your Sony TV’s default settings can be recovered using factory resets.

Follow the steps below to factory reset your Sony TV

Step 1: Click on the Home button on your LG TV Remote. 

Home Button Sony TV Remote

Step 2: In Home, Select Settings

Settings Sony TV

Step 3: In Settings, Select Storage & Reset.

Storage and Reset Sony TV

Step 4: In Storage & Reset, Select Factory Data Reset

Factory Data Reset

Step 5: Once you click on Factory Data Reset, you will get an alert and Select Erase Everything.

Erase Everything Sony TV

Step 6: Select Yes.

Factory Reset Yes Sony TV

Please be aware that doing this will result in your TV losing any customized settings but restoring everything to its default settings, including sound functionality.


This was a discussion about Sound not working on Sony TV, which is a major problem for common users.

All the major problems and their solutions have been listed and discussed thoroughly in detail to make it easy for you and understand everything.

In case you need more help on this, consider taking a look at the FAQ below.


Why has the sound on my Sony TV suddenly stopped?

There might be a setting issue here. In the Sound settings area of your TV, there has to be a headphone/audio-out setting. It must be set to Audio-Out. Additionally, examine the connections to the TV and test the sound with other equipment such as an HDMI device, Blu-ray player, headphones, etc.

How to reset the sound on Sony Bravia TV?

If you’ve made repeated modifications to your Sony TV’s sound settings and your Sony TV’s sound is now malfunctioning, you might want to restore the original settings.

  1. Go to the Sound Settings section.
  2. Select Sound Adjustments.
  3. Select Advanced Settings.
  4. Select “Reset” from the menu.

You must now confirm this reset in order to proceed.

How can I fix my Sony TV so that the sound works again?

A power cycle and changing the TV’s sound settings might help. Check for irregularities in the TV’s audio system as well. Run a factory reset if nothing works. If they don’t work, get in touch with Sony TV Support.

How can I reset my Sony Smart TV?

Click on the Home/Menu button on your Sony remote. To reset everything, Goto Settings > Storage & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Yes.

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