TCL TV Won’t Turn On? Try These Easy Solution

You could feel the need to replace your TCL TV if it starts performing strangely or won’t turn on.  If your TCL TV doesn’t turn on, it might not be completely broken, and you might be able to fix it yourself.

This post will go through some troubleshooting procedures for fixing a TCL TV that won’t turn on.

Solutions to Fix TCL TV Won’t Turn On Issues

1. Make Sure You Have The Right Power SupplyMake Sure You Have The Right Power Supply

There’s a potential that your TCL Roku TV isn’t receiving the correct power if it won’t switch on. 

  • A broken wall outlet can be the root cause. 
  • To see if your TV operates on a different wall outlet, you can switch the outlet to a new outlet. 
  • As an alternative, you can use a multimeter or similar instrument to check the wall socket where you plugged in your TV.
  • For your TCL TV to operate properly, the power cord must be firmly attached. Ensure that the cord is fully inserted into the TV’s socket and either a surge protector or a power outlet.

2. Examine The Power Cable For Wear and Tear

Torn wires and cables are a common side effect of prolonged use of electronics. 

  • Check to see if there is internal cable damage if your TCL TV won’t switch on and your TV cords are frayed. 
  • If you think there may be interior damage, ask a nearby hardware store to inspect the situation using expert tools. 
  • You can switch on your TCL TV by replacing the frayed cables.

3. Find The Status Light

A status LED may be seen in the center of the bottom bezel of your TV. This helpful function is present on every TCL Smart TV, and it enables us to determine the problem with your TV.

The status indicator will either be one of the following two cases:

  • If your TV is off or in standby mode, it will be a solid white.
  • If your TV is switched on, indicating that it doesn’t have any problem, the status light would be either off or blinking.
  • You can solve this problem by pressing any key on your TCL remote while pointing it at the TV so as to check what is the actual problem.
  • If your TV is genuinely on, that ought to make the light flicker. 
  • Your TV may not be receiving power, or there may be a connection issue between your remote and TV if it isn’t responding to your remote.

4. Test Out The Home Button

App crashes or empty input sources frequently resemble a TV that won’t switch on. 

  • Just hit the home button on your remote to make sure that’s not the situation. The home screen that results from this will never be blank.
  • If this step works for you, you should look into the input source you were attempting to utilize before. 
  • The gadget could not be functioning correctly, might not be getting power, or might not be safely attached to your TV.

5. Modify The Input Sources

You might have observed that while one of your input sources wasn’t functioning in the previous step, your home screen was.

This frequently indicates that you are choosing the incorrect input, particularly if your TV has many HDMI inputs.

  • Simply using your remote to cycle through the inputs will allow you to verify this. 
  • It might be the case of your cords being inserted in the wrong ports and not where they should be.
  • You have two options: either leave it where it is and simply remember the new source channel, or go to the TV’s back and relocate the device to the proper port.
  • Especially if the prior home button technique worked, you should now examine your input wires. 
  • Make sure the HDMI cables are firmly inserted into the TV and the source device before proceeding to separate and reattach each HDMI wire individually.

6. Verify The TCL TV Timer Settings

It’s quite conceivable that your TV’s sleep timer was mistakenly set if you have kids at home.

Therefore, make sure that the sleep timer is not on if your TCL Roku TV was functioning normally before it started to shut down unexpectedly.

Here’s how to go about it

  • Visit Roku TV Home as the first step.
  • Then, you will have to navigate to the Settings menu, where you can see all the options for the settings. 
  • Lastly, the step is to deactivate the sleep timer.

7. Restart Your TV’s Power

In essence, smart TVs are PCs with many of the same peculiarities. Restarting your computer fixes cache and bugs, and that’s precisely what you can find as a solution to your TV issue in this video as well.

  • Your TV won’t restart entirely if you only press the power button. Instead, a restart will need to be compelled by briefly cutting off the power source.
  • Remove the TV’s plug from the outlet.
  • This procedure should be done for a few minutes before you can replug the power cord to your TCL TV. 
  • If this did work, you were most likely simply dealing with a chance problem.

8. Try To Soft Reset Your TCL TV

There is no reason why you shouldn’t soft reset your TCL Roku TV using this simple yet useful way.

If your TV turns on but makes a noise or if it turns on but shuts off abruptly, I would advise you to try this remedy.

A soft reset shuts all open programs, fixes issues, and clears caches without affecting your device’s data or settings.

To soft reset, your TCL Roku TV, follow these steps,

  1. While your TCL Roku TV is on, hold down the power button for roughly 10 seconds, allowing the TV to go off entirely.
  2. Then, you can switch on the TV by using the power button after waiting for a few minutes as this is critical so as to drain all the residual power. 
  3. One of the most often recommended fixes on Quora and Reddit is to soft reset the TCL Roku TV.

This patch is practical and helpful to many people.

9. Make Sure to Update Your TCL TV Software to the Latest Version

As a result, when you switch on your TCL TV, it can abruptly shut off.

By upgrading your Roku TV software to the most recent version, you may quickly fix this problem.

To Update to the latest version, 

  1. Tap on the System Option in the Settings, which can be assessed from the Home Screen.
  2. Next, navigate to the System Settings inside the System option. 
  3. Select Check Now to see if any update is available for your TCL TV.
  4. Click the “Update Now” option that you will see after you are done with the above steps.
  5. You shouldn’t have the problem of TCL Roku TV abruptly shutting down after the pending update is finished.

10. Factory Reset Your TCL TV

Resetting your TCL Roku TV would be your last resort if none of the aforementioned solutions worked to get it to turn on.

The steps to factory reset your TCL TV are listed below.

  • First of all, On your TV remote, press the Settings button and navigate to the More settings option inside the settings option. 
  • Then, tap on Device Preferences, and then you will be able to see the Reset option inside.
  • Once you choose the Reset option, you will have to choose Factory Data Reset in order to carry out a hard reset of the TV.
  • Choose Erase Everything, which will make your TV new just as if you bought it today.

In light of this, you ought to be able to initialize and configure your TCL Roku TV. You must contact TCL Customer Support if your TCL Roku TV still won’t turn on.


In this post, many solutions to the “TCL TV won’t turn on” issue have been discussed, which are summarized here:

  1. Check the Power Supply to the TV
  2. Examine The Power Cable For Wear
  3. Find The Status Light
  4. Test Out The Home Button
  5. Modify The Input Sources
  6. Verify The TCL TV Settings
  7. Restart Your TV’s Power
  8. Try To Soft Reset Your TV
  9. Software Updates For TCL TVs
  10. Factory Reset Your TCL TV


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