Vizio Smartcast Not Working? Try These Easy Solutions

The Vizio Smartcast function gives consumers more options when it comes to streaming videos. It allows customers to watch 4K films and exchange photographs on their Vizio Smartcast TV with ease. However, if this function suddenly stops working, it may be quite aggravating. 

Users may get perplexed and unsure of what to do in such circumstances. As a result, here is an article to assist people who are experiencing the Vizio Smartcast not functioning difficulty.

Check out the list of solutions shown below, which I follow myself, to get the Smartcast function back up and running.

Solutions To Fix Vizio Smartcast Not Working Issue

1. Soft Power Cycle

By following these steps, you may effortlessly conduct a soft power cycle on your smartcast.

  1. On the remote, press Menu > System > Reset and admin > Soft power cycle. 
  2. Choose it and wait for it to complete.
  3. You may also unplug your TV’s power cable immediately.
  4. So, take the power cord out for at least 120 seconds. 
  5. Then, reconnect the cable and turn on the television.

2. Refresh Smartcast Home

To refresh Smartcast Home, follow these steps:

  1. Change the device’s input to Smartcast
  2. Then, go to the Menu.
  3. Change the language of the smartphone to Spanish or French from the System Menu.
  4. Afterward, close the window.
  5. As the Smartcast Home refreshes, keep an eye on the background.
  6. Change the wording back to what it was before. 

This should resolve the problem and allow you to utilize the Smartcast function again.

3. Check the Internet Connection

As discussed in the official video from Vizio, you need to verify that your device is connected to the internet. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Select Test connection from the Menu button on your remote. 
  2. There is an issue with your network connection if the response returned is ‘Network isn’t connected’ or ‘Connection speed is 0/unavailable.’ 
  3. If your Internet isn’t working, you’ll need to have that fixed first.
  4. This might entail calling your Internet service provider and requesting that they resolve the issue. 
  5. If your router is too far away from your Smartcast TV to offer a decent signal, try moving it or bypassing it and linking your Smartcast TV straight to the modem.

4. Test a Different Network

This solution might work in most cases. Follow these steps:

  1. If feasible, connect the TV and casting device to a different network to rule out anything related to it.
  2. It will assist you in determining whether or not your ISP is to blame for the issue.
  3. So, link the TV to a different network or a hotspot on the phone.
  4. Check to see whether your TV’s functionality has changed.

5. Reinstall the Casting App If Necessary

You can also try reinstalling the app. In such a case, I resort to the following steps:

  1. To begin, try turning the smartphone on and off.
  2. If that doesn’t work, remove the app.
  3. Then, reinstall it.
  4. Lastly, try pairing it with the TV again.

6. Change Your DHCP Configuration

Next, try changing your network’s DHCP settings; this will assign separate IP addresses to all of your devices, which should prevent the issue from happening.

For this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Turn the Smartcast TV off.
  2. Use any browser and input the router’s URL.
  3. Your username and password are required fields.
  4. Then, go to Settings>Advanced/Network Settings>DHCP Setting.
  5. Then, enable the DHCP Configuration
  6. If it was previously enabled, disable it and then enable it again.
  7. Then, close the Settings page by clicking Save.
  8. Turn on the television now.
  9. Lastly, check to see whether it was beneficial, and in some cases, this provides the required solution. 

7. Update the Software On Your Television

It’s a good idea to check every now and again to see if there are any new updates for your TV that you might have ignored. Hopefully, this will prevent the issue from occurring again.

  1. Go to Settings -> System -> System Updates
  2. Then, check to see if any updates are available.
  3. Update your software.
  4. Lastly, wait for the television to switch back on.

8. Restart the Router

To remove the potential of any connectivity difficulties, run a power cycle on your router. Follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the power cord from the wall plug and then turn off the router.
  2. Wait a few minutes before connecting the power cord.
  3. Then, the router will try to establish a stable network.
  4. Lastly, link the Vizio Smartcast TV to the internet and try using the Smartcast feature once more.

9. Factory Reset Settings

If none of the previous solutions work, a factory reset may be necessary. Accept that you will lose all of your account settings, apps, and other data on your device in order to solve the problem once and for all. For this, 

  • Go to the factory setting in the Menu.
  • Reset the TV to factory defaults by going to System > Reset and Admin > Reset the TV. 
  • Allow the procedure to finish on its own before attempting to utilize the Smartcast function again.

This usually solves the problem.


Smartcast technology from Vizio adds a layer of simplicity to putting material onto your TV, making it a desirable feature for TV owners without it. When something doesn’t perform as it should, it might be aggravating, but there are typically manageable issues at the root of the problem.

The majority of the time, a patient, deliberate approach to examining all of the items described in this article will result in the issue being solved.

The following solutions can be used:

  1. Soft Power Cycle
  2. Refresh Smartcast Home
  3. Test a Different Network
  4. Reinstall The Casting App If Necessary
  5. Update The Software On Your Television
  6. Restart The Router
  7. Factory Reset Settings


What Should Be Done If Vizio Smartcast TV Has No Sound?

It’s quite inconvenient to switch on your Vizio Smart TV and hear nothing. To find the source of the problem, try these easy troubleshooting methods.

Make sure your Vizio Smartcast TV isn’t in mute mode first. Then double-check that all of your speakers are switched on. Examine all cable connections and try changing inputs to a different device, such as a game console, to see whether the sound issue is present on all devices.

How To Solve Vizio Smartcast TV Won’t Turn On Issue?

If your Vizio Smartcast doesn’t turn on, it might be due to a software issue or a serious problem with the device’s power source. Check the power supply and the condition of all other connections using the troubleshooting instructions below.

On the remote control, press Menu, then System. After that, press Reset and Admin. At the same time, turn off your router, and select Soft Power Cycle. Check to verify whether your Vizio Smartcast TV is working correctly now. Check to see if the White LCD Power Light is activated.

What's The Best Way To Get Smartcast On My Vizio TV?

To begin, you’ll need a Vizio TV with Smartcast capabilities. If you do, all you have to do now is pick Smartcast from your television’s input options, and your casting device will take care of the rest.

How Can I Remove Smartcast From My TV?

Bring up your input options and pick one of your other inputs, such as one of the HDMI ports available, to remove your TV from Smartcast.

Is My Vizio TV Smartcast compatible?

When you don’t have access to any of the TV’s packaging or paperwork, the quickest method to tell if it’s a Smartcast TV is to look at the input choices and see if Smartcast is listed.

The Vizio Smartcast Is Constantly Disconnecting; What To Do?

It’s possible that an issue with the DHCP settings is causing your Vizio Smartcast to disconnect, stopping you from enjoying your Vizio Smart TV shows. 

Try adjusting the DHCP settings on your Vizio Smartcast if it keeps disconnecting. These are the settings that determine how your TV and router communicate. Click the Menu tab and then the Manual Setup icon to open the Menu. Toggle the DHCP tab to the On position by clicking it.

The Vizio Smartcast Is Unable To Detect Or Connect To WiFi. What To Do?

If your Vizio Smartcast TV doesn’t identify or link to your Wi-Fi network, you’ll need to figure out what kind of network you’re trying to connect to. This might be a guest or shared network, as well as a guest or wireless hotspot. The most common sort of Wi-Fi connection to utilize is a personal network.

Determine the type of Wi-Fi network you’re connected to and double-check that you’re using the correct passwords or log-in credentials. 

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