Xfinity Router Blinking Orange? Try These Easy Solutions

The status of the Xfinity router is shown by a number of indicator lights. For example, a steady white light indicates that your network is on, but a steady red light indicates that your device is not connected to the internet.

If you don’t know what to do about an Xfinity router that is blinking orange and not connected to the internet, this article will guide you as it can be a frustrating experience.

Fortunately, there are a number of tried suggestions for diagnosing and resolving this problem.

Solutions to Fix Xfinity Router Blinking Orange

1. A Sign Of Upgrade’s CompletionXfinity Router Blinking Orange? Try These Easy Solutions

The orange blinking of an Xfinity router merely indicates that the router is upgrading its firmware. For your router to operate effectively, regular software updates are essential.

These updates address a number of faults and problems that impact your device.

  • Having stated that, as soon as an update is made accessible, your Xfinity router will instantly try to connect to Xfinity servers.
  • To avoid breaking the router or corrupting the installed software, don’t turn it off while the upgrade is taking place.
  • You will have to allow the firmware upgrade to install and take its time for as long as it takes. It may take about twenty minutes before the firmware upgrade can complete. 
  • Once finished, your router should resume regular operation.

2. Soft Reset Your RouterSoft Reset Your Router

If your router is still blinking orange, then the next solution that you can use is a procedure known as resetting the router. 

By disconnecting the power cord, you may reset your router by undergoing a procedure called a soft reset by using the following steps:

  1. First of all, you will have to turn off your computer and each router-connected device to start the process of resetting the router without resorting to the reset button.
  2. In the next step, you will have to remove the router’s power cord and then wait for a few minutes before plugging the cord back into the router to complete the process. 
  3. It will take more than a few minutes before the router regains its original working state.

You may re-initialize your router by pressing the reset button on some routers and using the following steps:

  1. First of all, turn the router off so that you can start the procedure. 
  2. Then, you will have to find the reset button on the router’s rear.
  3. Then, by using a pin or other sharp item, press the reset button for a sufficient amount of time. 
  4. Hold off till the router restarts.
  5. To see if you are back online, check the status light.
  6. Try connecting to WiFi on your smartphone. 

3. Look For Loose Connections

Look For Loose Connections

Your router may occasionally be glowing orange due to frayed or broken cables.

  • When relocating the equipment or performing normal cleaning around it, you could have accidentally unplugged your router’s wires.
  • Extreme cable kinks, bends, abrasions, or cuts might potentially cause your router to begin glowing orange.
  • This difficulty has a really simple solution. 
  • Simply check your gadget for any loose cords, then plug them back in. 
  • Additionally, repair any broken wires right away.

4. Examine the Splitter

You may distribute internet signals to other devices, including your TV and modem, using a splitter which is a tiny device.

  • Many individuals ignore the splitter, which is a frequent source of failure. 
  • Your router will begin blinking orange owing to a lack of internet connection if it is damaged or is not functioning properly.
  • Replace your splitter to remedy this problem. 
  • However, since splitters dramatically reduce the strength of your signal so, using a splitter might not be advised. You should also try to use direct connections instead of splitters, as direct connections won’t have any signal disruptions. 

5. Look for Service Disruptions in the Area

One of the most common reasons for the orange light blinking on your router is that your area might be facing some kind of a power or network outage. 

  1. In such a case, the router will start blinking orange, indicating some kind of network outage in the vicinity.
  2. You can do a lot of things in such a scenario, and contacting your Internet service provider should be the first thing that you do. 
  3. By using the procedure mentioned in this video and the steps outlined below, you can also use the official app of the company to see if there has been a network outage in the area.
  4. The first step is to turn off your phone’s WiFi signal in order to use the official app and see if there has been a power outage.
  5. Since WiFi is no longer available, sign up for an LTE data package.
  6. You can download and install the official app of the Xfinity available and see if there are any problems listed in the app.
  7. To check the indicator circle, go to “My Network” in the app and see the color of the little circle to see if there has been an internet outage. 

6. Use An Ethernet Connection Instead

Use An Ethernet Connection Instead

Your router may mistakenly disconnect from the network and glow orange if your wireless connection is having problems.

  • You don’t need to purchase a new Ethernet wire separately because most Xfinity routers come with one already in the box.
  • You may use the following steps to use an Ethernet cable instead of a normal wire.
  • You will have to take out all the wires of the router and connect the Ethernet cable. 
  • Link the opposite end to your modem.
  • Reconnect each wire to its corresponding port.
  • Examine your internet connection.

7. Examine Your Router For Malfunctions

Even after doing all of the aforementioned repairs, if your Xfinity router is still glowing orange, it may be faulty.

  • The latest models of the Xfinity routers are better at performing than the old models. 
  • They lose performance significantly more quickly, and they could even reach End of Life (EOL) status earlier than anticipated.
  • If your router is having internal faults, then it is advised that the router should be replaced to avoid any future issues and problems and solve the Xfinity Router Blinking Orange issue. 

8. Check if the Router is Compatible

If you recently purchased an Xfinity router and, after configuring it, it is glowing orange, check to see if your hardware or operating system satisfies the minimum system requirements.

  • Your equipment won’t operate correctly or effectively if it doesn’t comply with these specifications. Weak signals and very slow speeds might occur.
  • Upgrade your equipment and gadgets to address this problem and assure compatibility.
  • Checking the minimum device requirement for the Xfinity routers on the official website and forum might be a good idea before buying an Xfinity modem. 

9. Contact Customer Service

Consider contacting Xfinity Customer Support for more help if, in the odd case, none of the aforementioned fixes appear to be effective.

  • Agents from Xfinity Customer Support are accessible 24/7 by phone and live chat. 
  • If necessary, the business may dispatch a technician to investigate and resolve the problem at your home or place of business.


In a nutshell, Your Xfinity router is receiving a firmware upgrade if it is glowing orange. The update should be successful after waiting 15 minutes.

If your Xfinity router is still glowing orange after 15 minutes, disconnect it, wait for a few minutes and then replug it in to restart the device.

If all these solutions do not work, then you can use the solutions described in the article and summarized below:

  1. Look For Loose Connections
  2. Examine The Splitter
  3. Look For Service Disruptions In The Area
  4. Use An Ethernet Connection Instead
  5. Examine Your Router For Malfunctions
  6. Check If The Router Is Compatible
  7. Contact Customer Service


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Reboot the modem after disconnecting all cords. Reconnect your computer to the modem to see if it functions. Some claim that before reconnecting your modem, you must wait until the power light turns off.

What Should I Do If My Router Still Doesn't Respond?

You can try turning off the router and then turning it back on to see if the problem has been resolved. Otherwise, you can contact customer service and see if they can help you in this regard. They’ll take care of the troubleshooting.

Why Is the Orange Flickering On My Xfinity Modem?

A firmware upgrade can be the reason for your router’s orange blinking light. A succession of updates can possibly be the case.

How Can I Fix My Orange-Blinking Xfinity Modem?

If you are trying to solve the Xfinity Router Blinking Orange issue, you can check if the router is undergoing an update. Otherwise, restart your router or look for broken wires if the issue still continues.

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