Samsung TV Won’t Turn On? Try These Easy Solutions

The most aggravating of all the difficulties that can occur with a Samsung TV is when it refuses to turn on at all. When all you have is a dark screen, how can you troubleshoot it?

These simple solutions can bring your Samsung TV back to life! 

Samsung TV Must Be Disconnected From The Wall

Major Reasons for Samsung TV Not Turning On

  • This issue with a Samsung TV is caused by power connection issues and problems with the connected devices. 
  • TV’s sleep timer and power saver mode are also the reasons.
  • It can also be triggered by software faults and system problems caused by obsolete TV firmware.

Solutions to Fix Samsung TV Won’t Turn On Issue

1. Samsung TV Must Be Disconnected From The Wall

While this strategy is a no-brainer, and most of us use it initially, the method works like a charm in most cases.

As explained in this video, Follow these steps:

  1. First, take out the power cord. 
  2. The key here is to wait a full minute which is equivalent to sixty seconds.
  3. Also, keep hitting the power button on the TV.
  4. This is done to exhaust the device’s remaining power and allow it to soft reset.
  5. Then, replug the power cord.
  6. You should be able to view the display after you reconnect the TV.

2. Batteries from the Samsung TV Remote Must Be Removed

If removing the Samsung TV from the wall does not work, the batteries must be removed.

Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that both of the batteries are totally detachable. 
  2. Also, hold the power button for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Replug the batteries into the remote and turn on the TV.
  4. The television should now be operational. Another alternative is to get fresh batteries and replace the old ones.

3. Samsung TV Factory Reset

In order to conduct a factory reset, I follow these steps: 

  1. While the TV is switched on, press the Home button on the remote.
  2. Go to Settings > General > Reset after that.
  3. Then, the security Pin must be entered. 
  4. Before the initial setup screen appears, your television will switch off and on.
  5. This will effectively restore the settings on your Samsung TV screen from the day you purchased it.

4. Factory Reset Your Samsung TV Without A Remote

A factory reset can be done without a remote by following these steps:

  1. By hitting the power button on the back of the TV, you can conduct a factory reset without a remote.
  2. Press the Menu button while the TV is powered on, 
  3. Then, go to Settings > General > Reset.
  4. If you can’t find these buttons on your TV or it’s installed in a tight spot, there are additional solutions.
  5. To begin, connect a USB keyboard to the rear of the Samsung TV, which you can then use to browse and reset the device.

5. Choose the Right Input Source

Your Samsung TV may seem to be switched off due to an improper input source. 

You have two options for selecting the proper input power source, which I use:

Method 1: Using a remote control, enable the input source

  1. Switch on the TV.
  2. On the remote control, press the Source button.
  3. Then, choose the preferred input mode.

Method 2: Change the Input Source Without Using a Remote

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Press the MENU button.
  3. To go to the source choice, use the volume button.
  4. Select the preferred input source by pressing the menu button.

6. Check the Relay

Because of a problem with the power board, your Samsung TV will not turn on.

To solve this, 

  1. Remove the backplate from the television,
  2. Then, check the relay.
  3. The functioning status of the relay is displayed on new televisions through an LED.
  4. You may still check the relay by disconnecting it if your TV does not have an LED.
  5. Copper connections melting might be the cause of your television’s inability to turn on.

7. Inspect the IR Receiver And the Transmitter

Checking the IR receiver and transmitter will assist you in determining the cause of your Samsung TV’s failure to switch on.

A smartphone may be used to check the IR transmitter in a straightforward method.

For this, Follow these steps:

  1. Use the camera app to point the camera at the television remote’s IR transmitter.
  2. Next, press any button.
  3. If your smartphone’s camera app shows a blink or flash, you know the IR transmitter is working.
  4. If your TV is still not working, the issue is most likely with the IR receiver on the set, which will require repair.

8. Inspect For Inconsistent Voltage

  • Check any equipment in your house that exhibits rapid voltage or load current variations. 
  • It might be the source of power outages for other appliances.
  • Unstable voltage can also be caused by loose or improperly connected wires. 
  • If any major machine in your home weakens the current flow, a Dynamic Voltage Stabilizer should be used to counteract the problem.
  • This item is available for purchase online with the correct requirements.


There might be a number of reasons why your Samsung TV won’t switch on; however, you can quickly solve it by changing the power outlets or power cycling the TV.

If your Samsung TV is not turning on, attempt the following steps in order:

  1. Samsung TV Must Be Disconnected From The Wall
  2. Remove the Batteries On The Remote
  3. Samsung TV Factory Reset
  4. Without A Remote, Factory Reset Your Samsung TV
  5. Input Source Should Be Chosen
  6. Check The Relay
  7. Inspect The IR Receiver And The Transmitter
  8. Inspect For Inconsistent Voltage


What Should Be Done If The TV's Red Light Isn't Switching On?

When the red light is turned on, and the television isn’t working, a number of thoughts spring to mind. It might just be in standby mode, which you can activate using the remote’s power button.

If the indicator flashes green and red, you may have an inverter or transistor problem, which necessitates contacting a Samsung repair facility.

You may also try turning the television off and on again. 

The launch settings can occasionally become corrupted and need resetting, and this is the procedure to follow.

What Should Be Done If The TV Is Only Flashing?

If your Samsung TV does not turn on despite the device’s light blinking, the power source might be the problem. The supply might fail for a variety of reasons; often, it occurs when the device is turned off abruptly. For repairs and replacements, contact Samsung Care.

What to Do, After An Electricity Outage, My Samsung TV Will Not Turn On?

Hold the power button on the television. After that, please wait 3 minutes before turning it back on.

What If the TV And the Red Light Aren't Turning On?

The device is not getting power in such a case. In this case, the first step is to put the gadget into a separate AC socket. Also, make sure the power wire is completely plugged in. If it doesn’t fit, forcefully press it in.

If it still doesn’t work, try unplugging the power cable from the circuit and pushing the power button for sixty seconds to deplete the remaining power. After that, you should switch it on again, and it should function.

Televisions do not go out of style overnight. If the Samsung TV still won’t switch on after following all of these instructions, it’s important to reach Samsung assistance.

What Makes The Screen On A TV To Go Dark?

Damaged wires might be one of the main causes of your Samsung TV’s screen going dark. Examine the cables and repair them as quickly as possible if you discover any fractures.

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